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Spread limit betting

Online Poker Tournaments. In a poker game, the betting can be structured, unstructured, or semi-structured. This essentially means that, as the hand progresses, the size of the bet you may make at any given point is predetermined, and determines the size of the game. Commonly, in a structured game there will be two bet sizes, a big bet and a small bet. The big bet is usually equal to two small bets, and both are used to identify the game in question. If you want to bet in a limit game, you must bet the exact amount of the predetermined bet, no more and no less.

In most limit games, the small bet is used for the first two betting rounds, and the big bet is used for all subsequent betting rounds. Increasing the size of the bet as the hand progresses helps to keep the bet from losing its impact as the size of the pot grows. A game with unstructured betting allows for players to bet any amount, so long as it meets or exceeds the minimum bet.

This is commonly referred to as No-Limit poker. In a no-limit game, the minimum bet is usually equal to the amount of the big blind. A semi-structured game is a hybrid of the two. In a semi-structured game, an upper and a lower condition provide a loose structure, with players free to bet any amount in between.

Pot limit poker and spread limit poker are examples of semi-structured games. In a pot limit game, the lower betting limit is set by the size of the big blind, and the upper limit is set by the size of the pot, so that the limit grows alongside the pot. This creates the potential for the pot to grow exponentially, and can result in very large pots.

A spread limit game has an established lower limit and an established upper limit, and these remain consistent throughout the hand. You might want to take your profit should the price reach p, so you would set a 'Limit Sell' order at p. This is basically an order to open a Buy position at a lower price than the price at the moment of placing the order, therefore you believe the market will bounce back. It will hit that price and then the only way is up.

This is an order to open a Sell position at a price higher than the price at the moment of placing the order, therefore you believe the market will bounce back. It will hit that price and then the only way is down. If you think about it, it makes sense. This can only happen if the market is moving down for a Buy order and up for a sell order. The reason STOPS are filled at market is that the price, in the case of a BUY order, might not retrace to a 'better' price if the market advances and there is a risk your order will not be filled.

This is not what you want if you are using a STOP to close a trade that has moved against you. A: Ok, perhaps it is best to describe this with an example. You decide the euro has a nice solid band of resistance around the 0. Assume the euro is trading in a band of between 0. But you remain unsure which way the market is heading so you hold off for an hour. Now, the euro is trading a bit higher and is now being quoted 0.

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Since the upper betting limit typically does not change in a spread limit game, the game is milder and the action is less explosive than in a pot limit game. Of course, the larger the spread, the more potential there is for big pots and intense action. Spread limit games are fairly rare, both in brick and mortar casinos and online. Most players either prefer the mild action of a structured game or else they want the exact opposite, the intense action of an unstructured game.

For this reason, most casino spread either no-limit poker, limit poker, or both. Pot limit games are also frequently played at higher limits, because they often produce as much action as no limit games, and they require as much or more skill. In fact, if you have ever played in a spread limit game, you will notice that the upper limit is frequently the default bet.

One major difference between the two is that the spread limit game runs significantly slower, as bet amount can vary. The house wants the games to run as quickly as possible, so that they can maximize revenue. This makes a Limit game the logical choice over a spread limit game of equal size, as far as the house is concerned.

Occasionally, a casino may be prevented from using a no limit or pot limit structure, because state or local regulations prohibit it. These types of regulations have cropped up from time to time in various places, in an attempt to keep high stakes gaming out of these communities. Casinos in these areas will sometimes use the spread limit structure, because it is as close to an unstructured game as they are allowed to get.

Spread limit - A betting structure with an established minimum and maximum bet, which allows for any amount within that range to be wagered. More Poker Tips. Poker Journal. Steve Badger. It's still popular in beginners' circles, because it provides some amount of the excitement of no-limit without the risk of "losing your whole stack" in one hand.

It's an easy way to take small steps towards playing no-limit without taking the full plunge. Some casinos use the spread-limit form of hold 'em to get around local rules prohibiting no-limit hold 'em. They do this by making the spreads ridiculously huge for example, so that players can normally bet anything from just a few to virtually all their chips, so it's very similar to no-limit , and plays essentially identical to that game.

We sometimes call this No-limit spread-limit hold 'em. All the hands are dealt and we begin the preflop betting round. In this case, the player chooses to call. The next player is the small blind. They push ten additional dollar chips onto their bet and the action moves on. The next player is the big blind.

Essentially, once one player has raised the pot by the maximum amount of the spread, the betting round works like fixed-limit, since the increment is now fixed at the top of the spread. After the flop, the betting rounds start anew, beginning with the small blind position. Again, the minimum amount of any raise is the amount of the previous bet or raise in this round. The turn card is dealt. Notice that the spreads do not get higher as the hand progresses, unlike fixed-limit games.

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Limit orders are normally free of charge. In practice a limit consists of an instruction to deal at a more favourable price than the present level. This can either be used to take profits on an existing position or to open a new one. So for instance for a buy order on the Wall Street index, you could for instance open an instruction with your spread betting provider to open an up bet but no higher than 11, pts or the price you choose.

The most popular alternative — a market order — will execute at the current market price with no limit. Trade responsibly: Your money is at risk. Overnight Rolling Charges? Dividend Policy? For example, your playing style will be very easy to read if you only bet low amounts within the spread with a mediocre hand while betting near the top of the spread with a premium hole cards.

At the same time, randomized bets can damage your expected value on each hand. If you find that players have caught on to your strategy, mix it up with a few carefully placed bluffs. Play Now. Read more Visit Now. Betting Sites Reviews Bwin Review. Best Betting Sites Site. Review Play.