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Here, lipid nanoparticles LNPs for therapeutic application of messenger RNA were assembled using pSarcosinylated lipids as a tool for particle engineering. Using pSar lipids with different polymeric chain lengths and molar fractions enabled the control of the physicochemical characteristics of the LNPs, such as particle size, morphology, and internal structure. In combination with a suited ionizable lipid, LNPs were assembled, which displayed high RNA transfection potency with an improved safety profile after intravenous injection.

Notably, a higher protein secretion with a reduced immunostimulatory response was observed when compared to systems based on polyethylene glycol PEG lipids. NTs with various diameters, lengths, wall thicknesses, and intertube distances could be obtained by tuning key anodization parameters such as the applied potential, anodization time, electrolyte temperature, concentration of NH4F, and H2O content.

The morphology and optical properties were characterized by scanning electron microscopy and UV—vis spectroscopy techniques. We show that all aforementioned parameters have a strong influence on the nanostructured morphology and optical characteristics reflectivity of the formed nanotubular layers. Their optical features were simulated numerically to support the experimental measurements. Graphitic carbon nitride g-C3N4 is regarded as a promising and suitable photocatalyst in the progress of hydrogen evolution from water splitting by employing visible-light irradiation.

Nevertheless, the fast recombination rate of charge carriers of g-C3N4 results in a low H2 production rate. The separation and migration of photoinduced excitons are significantly enhanced between g-C3N4 and NPBIm nanosheets, as clearly revealed by photoluminescence PL spectra, time-resolved PL spectra, and photoelectrochemical results.

Overall, this study could provide opportunity to design and develop other highly efficient type-II heterostructured photocatalyst for the enhancement of H2 evolution from H2O splitting under visible-light irradiation. Noncentrosymmetric nanostructures are composed of two different materials displayed on spatially distinct surface regions.

These nontrivial building blocks facilitate self-assembly of hierarchical nanostructures with increased complexity and support cooperative material behaviors. The arrangement of M13 bacteriophage structural proteins within its capsid creates a promising monodisperse and readily modifiable template for these low-symmetry nanomaterials.

Here, a 9-mer ZnS-binding peptide was inserted into the p3 minor coat protein capsid tip of an M13 bacteriophage with Au-binding motif fused to its p8 major coat protein capsid body. The shape transformation was studied with transmission electron microscopy, circular dichroism spectroscopy, and fluorescence spectroscopy.

The effects of the p3 peptide fusion and conversion temperature were evaluated. Compared to the Au-binding phage without a p3 peptide fusion, the insertion of the ZnS-binding motif increased spheroid size, molar ellipticity loss, and intrinsic fluorescence quenching. This work highlights the effect of a p3 mutation on filament to spheroid transformation as well as the importance of temperature in producing a robust scaffold for inorganic material synthesis. Finally, the manufactured bifunctional M13 spheroids were used for the biodirected synthesis of noncentrosymmetric nanoparticle assemblies demonstrating the potential for heterojunction formation.

This study proposes an approach to synthesize graphene quantum dots QDs with remarkable physicochemical properties that allow them to effectively mobilize and solubilize nonaqueous phase liquids NAPLs such as crude oils in porous media. QDs are first extracted by mild oxidation of coal and then partially functionalized by alkylamines using a starch template to generate engineered QDs EQDs.

The two quantum dots exhibit different behavior on minerals. EQDs do not adsorb because of steric hindrance caused by their aliphatic tails, whereas QDs adsorb moderately on sandstones through hydrogen bonding, leading to wettability alteration from oil-wet to weakly water-wet state.

The performance of this mixture is curbed in carbonates with only 9. The ability of this nanofluid to alter wettability was further confirmed in a miniature silicate-rich rock using X-ray microtomography. The in situ contact angle distributions on quartz and carbonate shifted to a more water-wet state and covered a wide range of values, denoting a nonuniform wettability reversal. Thus, the application of QD-based nanofluids is more suitable in silicate-rich formations where chemical retention by the rock is minimum.

This study paves the way for the development of more EQDs by tuning their structure via chemical functionalization of their oxygen-rich active sites. The efficiency of water splitting technology was largely limited by the sluggish catalyzed oxygen evolution reaction OER. In this study, we found that construction of hierarchical nanostructures and heteroatom doping are two effective strategies to enhance the catalytic properties of transition-metal phosphides TMPs toward alkaline OER.

We successfully synthesized a heteroatom Mn-doped CoP catalyst denoted as Mn-CoP , which presents hierarchical microspheres assembled with porous nanosheets, through sequential solvothermal, thermal annealing in air, and chemical vapor deposition CVD processes. The doping of Mn can simultaneously regulate the morphology of the hierarchical microsphere nanostructure and modulate the electron structure of CoP. Remarkably, only mV overpotential was needed to reach 10 mA cm—2 of the Mn-CoP catalyst in alkaline conditions, largely outperforming the commercial RuO2 mV.

Besides, during the continuous 50 h chronoamperometry test, the Mn-CoP catalyst exhibits great stability and robustness. In short, this study provides a facile solution for designing and achieving high-efficiency and cost-effective nano-electrocatalysts in water splitting. The dilution itself helps to reduce the viscosity and thereby reduce the viscous contribution to friction.

In both classes of systems the electrotunable friction response is due to accumulation of counterions at charged surfaces. This contrasting behavior is explained by the difference in the slip conditions found for the pure and the diluted RTIL solutions in contact with highly charged surfaces. Overall, we demonstrate that nanoscale films of diluted mixtures of RTIL provide lower friction forces than the pure RTIL films, preserving at the same time a significant electrotunable response when the liquids are confined between symmetrically charged surfaces.

Nanoconfinement between asymmetrically charged surfaces leads to a reduction of friction compared to the symmetric case, with a concomitant decrease in the range of friction variation with the surface charge density. Our results highlight the potential of diluted RTIL mixtures as cost-effective electrotunable lubricants for future nanotribological applications. Construction of macroporosity-added hierarchical porous coordination polymers CPs as nanocatalysts is of great significance for their improved catalytic performance by promoting mass transfer and molecular accessibility.

The as-synthesized sponge-like CPs, composed of titanium terephthalate units, show a macropore-size range from to nm with a mean mesopore size of 7. However, in nanophotonic device applications, the physical length cannot be changed easily. Using both simulation and experiment, the hybridization of nanodisks, the reflection film, plasmon lattice, and the FP cavity is investigated. The results show that because of the hybridization, the effective FP cavity length is adjustable by the plasmon resonances.

The plasmonic tunable nanocavity is highly beneficial for the design of a wide variety of nanophotonic devices in applications, such as broadband optical absorption, wavelength selective antireflective layers, and sensing devices, and is also promising for use in electronic ink panel displays. Solvo-thermal synthesis is an effective method to obtain ferroelectric nanoparticles. The morphology and size of these nanoparticles dramatically impact the dielectric, ferroelectric, piezoelectric, and optical properties of these materials at the nanoscale.

This is of primary importance for miniaturized electroactive devices based on these materials. Herein, we propose to harness the full potential of water—ethanol mixture solvents to control the shape and size of nanoparticles of a model ferroelectric, barium titanate.

To take advantage of the local inhomogeneities that exist even in fully miscible liquids such as water and ethanol, we use a barium precursor that is only soluble in water together with a titanium precursor that is present in both components. Indeed, ethanol having hydrophilic and hydrophobic parts makes the two liquids remain distinct at the local scale.

Below the concentration threshold, scanning electron microscopy images reveal only elongated shapes at best mixed with nano-spheres ; just above the threshold, nanotori and nanocubes are observed; and even further above the threshold, the reaction is limited to the aggregation—nucleation stage and only nanocubes are obtained. This illustrates the fact that in solvo-thermal syntheses, when the solvent is a mixture and one reactant is confined in one of the constituents of the solvent, it is possible to control the morphology and size of the synthesized nano-objects.

Preparation, characterization, and optical properties of layered sulfur nanosheets S-NSs from natural sublimed sulfur were reported in this work. Few-layered S-NSs were prepared by a developed liquid-phase method including three steps: 1 forming sulfur quantum dots from natural sublimed sulfur; 2 forming multilayered nanosheets by assembling sulfur quantum dots through the hydrothermal method; and 3 sonication exfoliation of the multilayered S-NSs.

The thinnest S-NSs sulfurene with a 0. The obtained S-NSs showed wide-range absorption from ultraviolet to the visible region, multiwavelength photoluminescence, and superb water dispersibility and stability over two months in air. KCl on a fluorine-doped tin oxide electrode in 0. These alternative two-dimensional 2D nanosheets of S-NSs with good stability and water dispersibility will provide opportunities for the research fields of visible-light-active photocatalysis and optical sensing.

The physicochemical properties of thin metal oxide layers strongly depend on the layer thickness and thus differ significantly from their bulk counterpart. In this work, we present the growth of defined thin layers of CeO2 within mesostructured ZrO2 thin films using atomic layer deposition ALD. The prepared films consist of a cubic ordered arrangement of 15 nm spherical mesopores induced by the used diblock copolymer poly isobutylene -block-poly ethylene oxide PIBb-PEO45 , which allows studying the growth process and the successful coating of the interior pore surfaces via the combination of scanning electron microscopy SEM , time-of-flight mass spectrometry ToF-SIMS , and laser ellipsometry.

These methods prove the CeO2 layer growth and impregnation of the pores up to ALD cycles, at which the interconnecting channels between the mesopore layers are filled completely impeding further transport of the gaseous CeO2 precursors. Impedance spectroscopic investigation further proves the formation of a continuous CeO2 path through the entire porous network of the insulating ZrO2 film and shows a strong influence of the layer thickness on the conductivity.

The amplitude of terahertz THz waves is modulated optically by a pumping laser source, and the effect of optical power on modulation depth is systematically investigated in this work. The reported THz modulator is based on a conducting transition metal dichalcogenide TMD , that is, a nanometer-thick thin film of tantalum disulfide TaS2 grown on a high-resistivity silicon Si substrate.

The Raman spectrum confirms the formation of the 1T phase of TaS2. Modulation depths of A constant higher modulation depth in the wide frequency range reveals the broadband response of the THz modulator. Furthermore, numerical analysis based on the finite-difference time domain shows that a greater number of photogenerated charge carriers are present near the interface of Si and TaS2, which leads to enhancement in modulation.

The utilization of 1T-TaS2 imparts potential to these TMDs in the wide THz frequency range and unfolds the possibilities for their use in THz imaging, wireless communication, and detection processes. Electrocatalytic dechlorination continually attracts attention in dealing with chlorinated volatile organic compounds CVOCs due to its mild reaction conditions, economical, and environmental friendliness.

Unfortunately, the electrocatalysts were reported to suffer from low dechlorination reactivity and selectivity, as well as unclear active sites. Here, we developed a core—shell NiMn2O4 NiMn2O4—CS via a facile solvothermal method as an efficient cathode catalyst for selective dechlorination of 1, 2-dichloroethane 1,2-DCA into highly valuable ethylene. The as-prepared electrode showed significant current density The first-principles calculations indicated that the Ni atoms in octahedral sites of NiMn2O4 are the main active sites for 1,2-DCA dechlorination to ethylene.

This work provides reasonable ideas for the design of dechlorination electrocatalysts and the friendly transformation of CVOCs. Monodisperse polystyrene PS nanoparticles with widely tunable sizes 30— nm were prepared by soap-free emulsion polymerization with the assistance of crown ethers. The effects of crown ether species and concentrations, initiator species, and monomer contents on the sizes of PS nanoparticles were investigated in detail. The presence of crown-6 and crown-5 in the reaction system will facilitate the polymerization rate of styrene and produce larger PS nanoparticles in comparison with the control group without crown ethers , whereas the system with crown-4 retards the polymerization rate significantly and brings the smallest PS nanoparticles.

The former promotes and the latter inhibits the growth of PS nanoparticles. The relative contribution of these functions ultimately determines the final particle size. This study provides a facile method to synthesize nanoparticles with widely tunable sizes via soap-free emulsion polymerization with the help of crown ethers, which has great potentials in biomedical and electronic fields.

Metal—organic framework MOF -templated strategy is an effective route to fabricate nanocatalysts for heterogeneous catalytic reactions. We anticipate that this CEC strategy designed by Ce—H2salen metalloligand will provide a way for synthesizing other efficient and low-cost supported catalysts for catalytic reactions. Ultrasmall ceria CeO2 and metal-doped CeO2 nanoparticles in the sub-3 nm size regime were synthesized via a facile, single-step, liquid-phase thermal decomposition reaction in a monosurfactant medium, which plays the role of a solvent and coordination molecule.

The nanoparticles were characterized by a combination of techniques including powder X-Ray diffraction, Raman spectroscopy, and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy, and their catalytic activity was tested for the CO oxidation reaction. The results show that all the materials are highly crystalline in the as-synthesized form and monodispersed with a near-spherical shape. Fluorescent nanodiamonds fNDs are emerging as important tools for imaging and sensing in biology, which enable the optical detection, for example, of temperature and magnetic fields at the nanoscale.

At the same time, their unique physicochemical properties allow fNDs to drastically improve the properties of nanocomposites. We investigate the morphology, size distribution, optical properties, wettability, and biocompatibility of PCL fibers containing 0. We find that the use of ethanol as a cosolvent improves the dispersion of fNDs into PCL fibers and reduces the occurrence of fiber defects. We have prepared a three-dimensional 3D graphene hydrogel with a specific surface area that is comparable to the theoretical specific surface area of two-dimensional graphene.

Graphene oxide was reduced in a glass vial using aqueous sodium bisulfite in the presence of ammonia, which regulates the rate of reduction. The kinetics of reduction was monitored by the rate of consumption of sodium bisulfite, whereas the extent of self-assembly of the reduced graphene sheets was captured through reduction in the volume of the 3D graphene with time.

Dynamics of self-assembly shows two distinct regimes, namely, induction and shrinkage. During the induction period, no noticeable shrinkage in the volume occurs, although there is a significant reduction of graphene oxide. During the shrinkage period, the volume shrinks continuously with time until it reaches a constant value. The onset of shrinkage requires a critical extent of reduction of graphene oxide.

We hypothesize that during the induction period, the overlapping portions of the sheets undergo lateral stacking and the reduced graphene oxide sheets undergo enlargement. With the increase in ammonia concentration, the rate of reduction is lower, the induction period is longer, and the extent of reduction at the onset of shrinkage is greater.

This causes progressively greater enlargement of sheets as observed from the scanning electron micrographs of the lyophilized 3D aerogel. On further reduction, the larger sheets shrink slowly and to a lesser extent. The extent of stacking of larger sheets is also reduced significantly as seen from X-ray diffraction. Functional nanocapsules from low-cost and renewable materials are an urgent need for environmental applications. Herein, lignin-based nanocapsules with tunable size are synthesized using an interfacial miniemulsion polymerization method under mild conditions.

Then, cyclohexane as the sacrificed nanocore template is removed to form a hollow structure. The synthesized lignin-based nanocapsules have particle sizes ranging from to nm and tunable interior pores. They also own a much higher BET surface area The absorption kinetics and isotherm studies combined with the XPS spectra indicate that the nanocapsules adsorb copper ions by monolayer chemisorption mechanism.

The lignin-based nanocapsules shed light on the design of biowaste-based nanocapsules with controllable size for metal absorption, e. Flexible conductive films with high surface conductivity, broadband optical absorption, and excellent chemical and thermal stabilities are desired for optoelectronic applications. The well-designed sandwich-structured film exhibited conductive anisotropy with improved conductivity along the in-plane direction and insulating properties along the cross-plane direction.

Moreover, the film exhibited outstanding mechanical durability, including thermal and chemical stability, demonstrably resisting high temperature and solvent corrosion in harsh environments, making it suitable for promising applications in flexible optoelectronic devices.

Chromium atoms in graphene have been proposed to exhibit magnetic moments and spin-selective conducting states depending on the local bonding geometry within the graphene structure, which could lead to interesting applications in spintronics.

Despite this interest, there are few direct experimental reports of Cr dopants in graphene even though it is theorized to be stable. Here, we demonstrate the introduction of single Cr dopant atoms into the graphene lattice and onto graphene edges through the controlled use of a focused electron beam in a scanning transmission electron microscope.

We show local control of doping locations, and when coupled with targeted in situ milling during scanning of the e-beam, these strategies demonstrate an important component of the fabrication of tailored nanostructured devices in the electron microscope. The approach is validated with first-principles calculations to understand synthesis pathways during fabrication and reveal the energetics and local properties of Cr atoms embedded in graphene; for example, Cr doping can convert graphene into a magnetic and semiconducting material, which suggests Cr-doped graphene can be used as a building block for potential electronic devices and a means to construct them.

Applications of molybdenum disulfide MoS2 in energy storage devices, solar cells, electrocatalysts, and sensors require good electrical conductivity. However, neither of the current ways to prepare conductive MoS2 lithium intercalation and hydrothermal processes is easily amenable to scale-up. A possible alternative pathway is the modulation of the electronic properties of the semiconducting form of MoS2 through structural defects.

Here, we report the preparation of nanoscale conductive MoS2 flakes by treating exfoliated 2H-MoS2 with dilute aqueous hydrogen peroxide at room temperature. Sheet resistance measurements as well as Raman and photoelectron spectroscopy reveal the partial formation of hydrogen molybdenum bronze HxMoO3 and substoichiometric MoO3—y, which help tune the conductivity of the nanometer-scale thin films without impacting the sulfur-to-molybdenum ratio.

We have cast the material into thin film networks to fabricate highly stable chemiresistive pH sensors. Our work introduces a straightforward and safe way of preparing a conductive form of MoS2 and its application as a low-cost solid-state sensor. Achieving fine control over the twist angles of stacked two-dimensional 2D layers is critical for device fabrication.

Here, we demonstrate that the interplay between lattice mismatch strain and flake size can control the potential energy barriers for dynamic untwisting of stacked 2D sheets at elevated temperatures. These energy barriers scale with flake size and originate from periodically fluctuating quantities of unstable AA versus stable Bernal stacking during untwisting. However, the lattice mismatch strains are more readily accommodated coherently across Bernal versus AA stacking, leading to significantly reduced energy differences between these stacking arrangements.

These competing effects enable strain-controlled engineering of twisted 2D layers for tunable nanomechanical systems. Noble metal complex nanomaterials were widely investigated in bioscientific systems for surface-enhanced Raman scattering SERS imaging. Silver Ag has higher enhancement factors, arising from better optical properties, in comparison to gold Au , which has better chemical stability and a broader localized surface plasmon resonance LSPR region extending to red-NIR, and both should be taken into account to enhance SERS performance.

Among them, nanostars NSs have emerged as one promising geometry because of their strong enhanced electromagnetic fields induced by the lightning-rod effect from their branches. Herein, we prepared two uniform and tunable core—shell NSs with different cores Ag or Au and the same Au shell, tailoring size and branch morphology to investigate their induced LSPR properties.

As a result, their extinction spectra nearly coincide when the size and shape of two NSs become similar. A parallel electric field distribution and response wavelength were obtained as the shells are alike. Meanwhile, an improved SERS activity with an enhancement factor of 1. This work offered certain theoretical and experimental references for the plasmonic metal NS with extensively enhanced electromagnetic fields, providing an effective SERS substrate for imaging and detection in life sciences.

Steam generation via harvesting solar energy is one of the promising approaches for seawater desalination. Nowadays, organic contamination in seawater represents a great challenge that needs to be solved. Specially, low-molecular-weight organic molecules may easily pass through distillation membranes with water steam and enter freshwater sources.

In this study, we develop a solar distillation membrane DM for contaminated seawater desalination rather than grading treatment of contaminated seawater by integrating a large-scale TiO2 nanochannel membrane with plasmonic silver nanoparticles Ag NPs via inhomogeneous assembling. The resulting membranes exhibit a rapid evaporation rate 7.

We believe the DM proposed in this study could pave the way for a promising point-of-use device to obtain fresh water from contaminated saline water. Heterogeneous single-atom catalysts SACs involve isolated metal atoms anchored to a support, displaying high catalytic activity and stability in many chemical reactions. Moreover, the difference between the Pd—C carbon atom in a carrier and Pd—CPh carbon atom in chlorobenzene bond orders could be used as a descriptor of the activity of the SACs.

Thus, this study provides a method for the design and screening of SACs for both high stability and activity of the Heck reaction. Exploring and identifying efficient materials with operative active sites for electrochemical oxygen evolution reaction OER is of paramount importance for the future of energy conversion technologies like electrolyzers and fuel cells.

Our approach opens a path for fabricating hybrid catalytic systems with synergetic activity to facilitate optimized electrocatalytic activity. Strain-induced modulation of electronic, magnetic, and photonic properties provides additional functionalities to oxide thin film-based electronics as compared to those of conventional rigid electronics. Herein, we introduce a simple transfer process for highly crystalline nanometer-thick films onto flexible polydimethylsiloxane PDMS using water-soluble sacrificial NaCl crystals.

The c axis of the high-temperature sputtered ZnO thin films grew along a parallel direction to the substrate surface, thereby revealing the reflection on both Si and NaCl substrates, which is desirable for designing photoconductors with a planar geometry. However, films grown at room temperature showed a preferred growth orientation along the vertical direction to the substrate surface.

The photodetectors synthesized using ZnO thin films grown directly on PDMS at room temperature exhibited a low current, whereas the photodetectors fabricated using ZnO thin films grown at a high temperature exhibited dramatically increased currents in the dark and under ultraviolet UV light. The photodetector performance was further enhanced under external strain due to the piezophototronic effect induced by bending or stretching the photodetectors under UV light. These properties were confirmed by the absorption or desorption of oxygen on the ZnO surface under the applied strains.

The proposed strain-induced optoelectronic property modulation of highly crystalline ZnO thin films is promising for the development of future multifunctional flexible, transparent, and wearable electronics. The magnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles were produced by chemical precipitation from ferric chloride FeCl3 and ferrous chloride FeCl2 in an alkaline medium ammonia hydroxide.

The magnetic particle suspension was stabilized with citric acid. Hierarchically structured Fe3O4 HS-Fe3O4 particles of submicrometer size were successfully produced from citric acid-capped Fe3O4 solution by using a simple electrospray ES process and applied for magnetorheolgical MR fluids.

Submicrometer-sized spherical HS-Fe3O4 particles were formed by evaporation of the solvent and agglomeration of capped Fe3O4 particles during the ES process. Reduced density mismatch between the particles and the silicon oil medium significantly improved the stability of the HS-Fe3O4 suspension compared to the pure Fe3O4 suspension. The high MR performance and the improved sedimentation stability showed a possibility of the practical application of the submicrometer HS-Fe3O4 particle suspensions to microfluidic devices.

The present study demonstrates an improved and facile method for the exfoliation and chemical oxidation of bulk hexagonal boron nitride h-BN powder. Nanocellulose-based foams are widely used as absorbents due to their highly porous networks and large surface areas. However, their inherent hydrophilicity and poor wet resilience limit their applications in water remediation for the removal of hydrophobic components e. A straightforward process combining biomass-derived materials, cellulose nanofibrils CNFs , and natural rubber NR latex, in the absence of any organic solvent, is herein elucidated to design eco-friendly hydrophobic foams.

The spherical shape of NR diameter of ca. This green material exhibits great capacity of soaking nonpolar molecules, standing out as an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and promising alternative for water cleanup. The surplus production of glycerol as a by-product of biodiesel has become a serious problem for the sustainability of the biodiesel industry.

Glycerol dehydration over MFI zeolites offers a green route to acrolein production. However, conventional MFI zeolites suffer diffusion limitation, which inhibits accessibility to active sites and causes quick deactivation of catalysts because of severe coke deposition. In this paper, we report the fabrication and characterization of high-quality distributed Bragg reflectors DBRs deposited by low-energetic thermal evaporation.

This technique allows deposition of high-quality thin films with an accurate control of thickness at the nanoscale. We investigated, for the first time, the use of tungsten oxide WO3 and calcium fluoride CaF2 as high 2. We investigated the optical behavior of this microresonator after post-deposition thermal treatment at different temperatures, showing a blue shift of the resonant mode and an increase in its intensity.

Indeed, heat treatment induced a compaction of the DBR multilayer, leading to more defined and clearer interfaces, as demonstrated by scanning electron microscopy cross section measurements. This behavior results in an improvement of the microcavity quality factor up to as the temperature increases, which is currently the highest value obtained for microcavities obtained by thermal evaporation processes, so far. These results represent a further step forward toward the development of high-reflectivity mirrors and high-quality microresonators fabricated by the low-energy deposition technique.

Such a structure could find extensive application in nano-photonics, optoelectronics, and sensors, even based on soft organic materials. Designing high efficiency non-noble metal catalysts for electrochemical hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions HER and OER is a challenging and promising task.

In the present work, a large-scale self-supported black nickel sheet composed of nickel nanorod arrays B-Ni was successfully fabricated via electroplating with a nanostructured Si template assisted strategy, and Ni3N coating layer was coated on the structured surface followed by a nitrogen plasma treatment with different treatment durations.

The black color is due to the immensely enhanced light absorption through the surface nanostructures with high aspect ratio. The samples show promising catalytic performance when used as electrochemical catalysts for both HER and OER in alkaline electrolyte. In addition, all the catalysts show good electrochemical stabilities.

All the improvements for the electrochemical performances suggest that nanostructured nickel nitride could be a promising inexpensive catalyst system for both OER and HER processes. Molar absorption coefficient, Foster radius, and FRET efficiency were determined, and the experimental FRET efficiency was found to be very close to the theoretical value.

We mixed these two substances to form a sensitive film that covered the end face of an optical fiber. The experimental results showed that the FRET-based fiber-optic pH sensor exhibited a large detection range and good performance in terms of linearity, sensitivity, and repeatability. The pH sensor studied by the photochemical method has great application potential in the fields of marine monitoring and environmental protection.

We report on the chemical exfoliation of bulk Cr2AlC to two-dimensional 2D chromium carbide Cr2C nanosheets and its characterization and application for hydrazine sensing. MXenes are a swiftly expanding family of ultrathin 2D nanomaterials with tailorable surface chemistry. However, etching of Al from Cr2AlC remains challenging due to the similar reactivity of Cr and Al toward the fluoride-based etchants. Herein, a combination of ferric chloride and tartaric acid was employed as an etchant for the first time to exfoliate Cr2AlC.

The difference in redox potential and metal-complex-forming ability of the etchant combination were exploited for selective removal of Al from Cr2AlC. Application of the synthesized Cr2C nanosheets with oxygen and hydroxyl surface termination is demonstrated for hydrazine sensing. The proof of concept for utilizing MXene as a receptor in a microresonator is investigated for the first time by coating the cantilever with Cr2CTx nanosheets to detect hydrazine in the ppm level.

The facile synthetic strategy allows Ag2S to easily form atomic-level intimate contact with ZIS nanosheets, which ensures efficient interfacial charge transfer. With the optimal deposition ratio 1. It was also found that partial Ag2S was reduced to metallic Ag during the photocatalytic reaction. On the basis of the experimental results, the photocatalytic reduction mechanism was discussed.

Under light irradiation, metallic Ag can rapidly capture photogenerated electrons from ZIS nanosheets and transfer electrons to the active sites on Ag2S. As a result, the synergistic effect of Ag2S and metallic Ag leads to a higher photocatalytic hydrogen evolution activity. This work offers an improved understanding of the reaction mechanism of cation exchange in ternary sulfide and provides an opportunity to develop a highly efficient photocatalyst using an Ag2S-based cocatalyst.

We have introduced an extremely low-molecular-weight organic gelator with a Cd II source to obtain a supramolecular Cd II metallohydrogel. Microstructural analysis of the gel has been performed. The mechanical property of the gel material has been scrutinized through rheological investigations. Morphological variation of the Cd II metalloghydrogel with different 2D nanostructures has been imaged through high-resolution transmission electron microscopy studies.

The optoelectronic properties of the metallohydrogel materials have also been explored. The conducting property of Cd II metallohydrogel establishes the Schottky barrier diode-type nature. This shows the applicability of a supramolecular approach of 2D nanosheets toward the formation of 2D nanostructure-based supramolecular metallohydrogel systems under ambient conditions. The dispersion of exfoliated 2D nanosheets of GO and TMDs to the supramolecular metallohydrogel has been considered as a technique to tune the electronic property and morphology of the supramolecular metallohydrogel system.

While several groups analyzed and revealed the growth dynamics, no experimental growth scheme has been verified yet, which reproducibly ensures the phase purity of binary self-catalyzed grown NWs. The evolution of the most important properties during the growth, namely, the contact angle of the Ga droplet, the NW length, and the diameter is analyzed by scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. Based on these results, we developed a comprehensive NW growth model for calculating the time-dependent evolution of the Ga droplet contact angle.

Using this model, the Ga flux was dynamically modified during the growth to control and stabilize the contact angle in a certain range favoring the growth of phase-pure GaAs NWs. Further, these materials were also investigated for their performance in electromagnetic interference EMI shielding efficiency SE in the frequency range of 2—8 GHz.

Lighting textiles have become an important component for e-textiles as an output signal for human-device communication. To achieve a competitive price and high utilization rate for lighting textiles, a high-performance solution-processed light-emitting diode LED needs to be developed. Here, the fiber QLED created via the dip-coating method was carefully designed for high-performance solution-processable lighting textiles. The first layer is the most important because a structural difference on the bottom layer induces a surface tension gradient, resulting in an inhomogeneous coating for the upper layer.

Then, the polymer ink for hole transport was discovered, with a high boiling point solvent-dominant cosolvent system and nanodimensional material ink with a low boiling point solvent-dominant cosolvent system to control thickness precisely and enhance uniformity in the long range. Similar to the monosolvent system, our cosolvent system exhibits typical V-shaped dependency on the withdrawal speed with thickness and results in outstanding uniformity in terms of thickness, electrical properties, and optical properties, including brightness.

Chemoselective hydrogenation of nitroarenes under industrially viable conditions is one of the attractive reaction for chemical, pharma, and pesticide industries. Furthermore, we show the hydrogenation of four marketed nitro pharmaceuticals that were selectively transformed to the respective primary anilines in excellent yields. Hence, this work represents a unique set of results systematically examining the effect of nanomorphology on structural and solar cells properties of BHJ blends, which can have a direct implication on better understanding of the emerging high-efficiency OSC systems.

Graphamid is a two-dimensional 2D polymer. It was predicted to have superior mechanical properties owing to its strong hydrogen bonds. The knowledge of thermal and electrical transport properties in graphamid, which is critical to its future multifunctional applications, remains unknown. Using molecular dynamics simulations and first-principles calculations, we demonstrate that hydrogen bonds drastically enhance out-of-plane thermal and electrical transport in graphamid.

The fundamental knowledge from this study can potentially advance the development of 2D hydrogen-bonded polymers for a diverse range of applications, including energy conversion and storage. Multiferroic nanocomposites with grain to grain epitaxy-like feature comprising of Ba0. To enhance strain coupling between the phases, vertically ordered continuous nanostructures with grain to grain epitaxy-like feature was achieved by careful choice of material and optimized growth conditions.

The ME values indicate the existence of high elastic strain coupling in continuous columnar structures compared with granular structures with an incoherent interface. Enhanced magneto—electric coupling in these types of nanostructures can be of great potential in realizing devices like actuators and sensors. The detail structural characterization establishes phase purity of the as-synthesized perovskite nanocrystals.

Systematic Raman analysis also proves the complete homogeneous solid solution formation across the entire compositional window. Simultaneous optical and cyclic voltammetry measurements corroborate a band gap variation in the range of 1. A stable photodetector was fabricated with pristine and alloyed nanocrystals where the best performance was achieved for Cs3Bi2I9.

The functionality in the form of a fast photodetector suggests that these Cs3Bi2Br9 1—x I9x nanocrystals are prospective optoelectronic materials. The present study provides an evidence of tunable optical window for mixed halide all-inorganic bismuth halide perovskites toward photodetector applications. The effect of nanosize and structural disorder on the MgCl2 support of Ziegler—Natta catalysts has been investigated in terms of induced changes to their vibrational spectroscopic fingerprint.

In particular, the inelastic neutron scattering INS technique was used, which allowed sampling of the whole lattice dynamics of the support. The experimental INS spectra of several ball-milled, polycrystalline, samples of MgCl2 were collected for the first time and were compared to simulated spectra from quantum-mechanical density functional theory calculations. Theoretical calculations were performed on a variety of MgCl2 structural models: i ordered and disordered bulk 3D ; ii low-dimensional structures such as surfaces 2D and nanorods 1D ; and nanoclusters 0D.

This allowed us to link specific features of the spectra to specific changes in the atomic structure and dynamics of the catalyst support. In particular, the effect of translational symmetry breaking and rotational disorder is discussed. Furthermore, the present data suggest that the ball-milling process mostly leads to the formation of bulk-like crystallites rather than nanoparticles.

This work ultimately highlights the combined use of INS measurements and quantum-mechanical simulations as an effective approach for the atomistic characterization of defective nano materials. Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma DIPG is an invasive pediatric brainstem malignancy exclusively in children without effective treatment due to the often-intact blood—brain tumor barrier BBTB , an impediment to the delivery of therapeutics.

A plasmonic metasurface composed of homogeneously self-assembled gold nanoparticles can provide high-contrast fluorescence images confined to the nanointerface. In this study, we successfully demonstrated real-time, high-spatiotemporal-resolution imaging of adhered Venus-paxillin-3T3 live cells under a widefield microscope, where not only a high axial resolution but also a high lateral resolution down to the theoretical limit were confirmed through nascent cluster formation of paxillin.

The improved lateral resolution on the sheet could be interpreted as the characteristic of localized surface plasmon resonance LSPR -mediated enhanced fluorescence and the metasurface acting as a nanothickness plane light emitter. We also found minimized photobleaching, owing to the increase in the emission efficiency via plasmon-exciton coupling.

This simple nanomaterial-based technique will be a powerful tool to enhance interfacial signals and improve the quality of live-cell images, not only under widefield microscopes but also in combination with various super-resolution microscope systems in the future. The two-dimensional pristine tin selenide SnSe , possessing desirable optical, thermal, electrical, and optoelectronic characteristics, is the future nanomaterial of technological applications.

In the present study, SnSe nanosingle crystals were grown using the direct vapor transport DVT method. The chemical composition, morphological analysis, crystalline phase, crystallinity, optical properties, vibrational modes, and oxidation states of the elements of the grown crystals are verified by energy-dispersive X-ray analysis EDAX , X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy XPS , optical microscopy—scanning electron microscopy SEM , photoluminescence PL , Raman, and X-ray diffraction.

For the optoelectronic study of grown crystals, the current—voltage characteristic was measured. The device designates excellent photocurrent and responsivity. Moreover, the photoelectrochemical PEC visible-light photoresponse of the SnSe single crystals was also studied. The grown crystal shows the highest photocurrent of 1. Mott—Schottky plots helped in the redox analysis and energy band location. The Nyquist plot is also plotted to study electrochemical impedance.

The work demonstrated the potential application of SnSe nanosingle crystals in the field of optoelectronic visible-light conditions. The outstanding improvement of its electrochemical performances resulted from the massive nanopores on the walls of PCNTs, which made more MnO2 nanoparticles filled both in the nanocavity and on the surface of PCNTs as electroactive sites.

The process involved liquid-phase exfoliation of WSe2 nanosheets, followed by a coprecipitation method for the subsequent nucleation of nanoparticles on the former. The hence-formed hybrid along with its pristine counterparts has been investigated for ammonia-sensing properties. Herein, WSe2 behaves as a p-type semiconductor and Fe3O4 as an n-type semiconductor as per the trends observed in the modulation of electrical conductivity in the presence of ammonia.

The fold increase in sensitivity for ammonia sensing achieved by fabricating a heterostructure enabled the detection down to 50 ppb with a response magnitude of 2. Moreover, our sensor exhibits an ultrafast recovery of 13 s toward 50 ppb NH3 at room temperature without any external stimulus. Importantly, the repeatability and long-term stability over a period of few months seem to be promising.

Therefore, the sensor can reliably be deployed in a real environment for practical gas-sensing applications. Interaction of light with magnetic nanoparticles, dispersed in solution or embedded in other materials, is of major interest in a range of applications, one example being optomagnetic sensors.

In applied research, light absorption and scattering of nanoparticle composites are often quantified by the Kubelka—Munk two-flux radiative transfer model. In this paper, we synthesized magnetite Fe3O4 nanospheres with different diameters and encapsulated them into a polymer matrix. Their spectral transmittance and reflectance were investigated by spectrophotometry, together with measurements of angle-resolved scattering in the forward and backward hemispheres. The measured angular distribution was applied to approximate the scattering-phase function inside the film, which could be well described by the revised Reynolds—McCormick model.

The backscattering and absorption coefficients were derived by inversion of the Kubelka—Munk relations, using the interface reflectances obtained from angle-dependent measurements. We present detailed optical properties for samples with various particle concentrations and scattering layer thicknesses, consisting of the magnetite and polymer composites. The absorption and backscattering coefficients for particles of diameter nm showed qualitative agreement with single-scattering Mie calculations.

The optical properties of composites with smaller particles might be influenced by an oxidized Fe2O3-like surface layer. The present approach can be used to study different kinds of magnetic nanoparticle clusters, dispersed in a supporting medium, and thus provide optical parameters of relevance for interpreting results of optomagnetic sensing experiments.

Lead-halide perovskite quantum dots QDs have been intensively studied, owing to their excellent optical properties. Herein, the photoluminescence PL emission of perovskite QDs was controlled by coupling them with a polyoxometalate POM redox cluster to develop photoswitches that undergo changes in optical properties in response to light stimulus. POM— was easily oxidized on exposure to atmospheric oxygen, leading to the restoration of the PL.

The PL emission could be repeatedly quenched and restored by visible-light irradiation and oxygen introduction, respectively. It was found for the first time that the photocatalytic performance of pure CeO2 was improved by simple thermal tuning. Without incorporating any potentially harmful impurities, the pure CeO2 nanofiber crystals degraded up to The improved photocatalytic performance was attributed to the small crystal size, clean crystal surface, and plenty of oxygen vacancies of CeO2.

SEM and TEM observations showed that the average fiber diameter decreased while the particle size increased with tuning temperature. FTIR revealed that the surface-adsorbed organic moieties decreased with the increase of temperature, making active sites more accessible for photocatalysis. The presence of oxygen vacancies was confirmed by both Raman and XPS, which were critical for the activation of oxygen in photocatalysis.

Our pure CeO2 photocatalyst is eco-friendly and inexpensive for large-scale application for the removal of toxic colorants to fulfill environmental sustainability. The as-synthesized nanomaterial is investigated for the removal of dye and the detection of heavy metal ions from the aqueous solutions. The adsorption isotherm and kinetic studies indicate that the dye adsorption takes place by the Freundlich isotherm and pseudo-second-order kinetic model.

Then he participates in the television program Settevoci, in which he presents the song What you do not know, cover of Rag doll by Four Seasons, published as side B of Bikini Beat, the second single released in May, which is commissioned to the quintet as an advertising jingle by of a major lipstick brand. The meeting between the former singer of Slenders, a rock group from Piombino, and the Pooh group takes place at the Piper in Milan. Valerio Negrini is therefore forced to quickly write an alternative text for the song, which is presented as The bells of silence and ranks in the last place of the event.

The first album For those like us is released at the end of the year and features the re-recordings of the songs released on 45s performed with the new lineup plus other songs; it sells over 15, copies and includes six covers and six songs written by the duo Facchinetti-Negrini who, however, do not sign the songs, as they are not yet registered with SIAE.

A quarter of a century after their publication , Facchinetti and Negrini were finally able to regain possession of it with a phone call to Armando Sciascia. He spoke very nice words about the Poohs. I thanked him. He had been a kind of father to us. When we lacked the money to put gas in the van, it was often he who handed it to us. Immediately afterwards Mauro Bertoli marries a young dancer and decides to abandon his musical career.

From that moment on, the line-up stabilizes in a quartet. In April the quartet knows for the first time the thrill of the record charts with the song Piccola Katy, originally side B of their fifth single In Silence, which climbs up to the fifteenth position of the hit parade.

Shortly after the release of the album, after the tour of summer concerts September , Mario Goretti, tired of the constant movements around Italy, leaves the complex and returns to Bologna, where he opens an amplifier company. Goretti is replaced by the young Bolognese guitarist Donato Battaglia known as Dodi, not even seventeen years old. Dodi had been noticed by Enrico Marescotti during a Bolognese party in which he performed a virtuoso electric solo by the Shadows.

A member of the Meteors, who were also Gianni Morandi's musical ensemble, he becomes a protagonist of the growth of Pooh behind the scenes. In that same year, the relationship between Pooh and the record company breaks down following the release of their second album Contrasto in July secretly released while the band is on tour, the record is withdrawn from the market shortly after.

In fact, this album mainly includes auditions and discards, as well as the fairly successful single Piccola Katy. The single So much desire for her reaches number one in two weeks. The same happens with Pensiero, which sells over a million copies. Although everyone considers it a piece of love, the song is about a prisoner. Both singles entered the South American charts and immediately jumped to the top, selling , and 1,, copies respectively in a few months.

Valerio Negrini leaves the group, while remaining tied to the Pooh as a lyricist. He is replaced by Stefano D'Orazio, a Roman drummer who had already played in groups such as I Naufraghi and Il Punto the second of the two groups had obtained a moderate success, also obtaining a cover on Ciao , the most prestigious music weekly of those years [5] The Pooh record some of their songs in English: Tutto at three becomes The Suitcase and CBS decides to include it in a collection that includes the best artists of their vast catalog.

Much desire for her comes second at the Festivalbar. In , the worldwide success is still affirmed, thanks to singles of great effect and drama such as Noi due nel mondo e nell'anima back I will be born with you , What can be said about you back When a she goes away. The record company is undecided on which of the two singles to bet more. From London comes the Minimoog synthesizer, which makes a fleeting appearance in this piece.

The Alessandra album marks a greater presence of Roby on vocals, which until then had been the prerogative of Dodi and Riccardo above all, and for the first time sees the signature of Dodi Battaglia as the author of the music. Due to the influence of Lucariello, the ensemble puts aside its instrumental skills to make room for the strings of the very elegant Franco Monaldi orchestra.

In addition to this, for the first and only time in Alessandra the producer manages to impose that the album is composed exclusively of love songs. It is a record where the electric guitar almost totally disappears, replaced mainly by Dodi's acoustic arpeggios, there are no guitar solos to hinder the orchestral ups and downs of the 12 songs of which the disc is composed.

At this point Riccardo Fogli decides to leave the group to pursue a solo career. In fact, according to him, the producer tends to favor Battaglia's voice to the detriment of his. The group seems to be about to dissolve when at the beginning of , after endless selections held in the laundry of a hotel on the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines in Roncobilaccio, the new bassist, Red Canzian, former guitarist of Osage Tribe, a group founded by Franco Battiato, who later joined Capsicum Red, who had two singles and an album to his credit.

In the album Parsifal was released, a complex and wide-ranging instrumental and lyrical LP. Anticipated by the singles Me and you for other days and Infiniti noi, this LP uniquely mixes British-derived symphonic pop in the Italian panorama with the sophisticated melodies of Roby Facchinetti as in the homonymous Parsifal or in L'anno, il posto, l 'Now.

If the musical style seems to direct them towards cumbersome comparisons like Pink Floyd and Genesis, the choirs of the four refer directly to the Beatles and the Bee Gees. The song of the same name marks an important stage in the history of the ensemble as its second part is exclusively instrumental. The song Letter from Marienbad is chosen as Side B of the single Me and you for other days and left out of the 33 rpm version of the album, although it is regularly included in the stereo 8 version of the same.

In the collection I Pooh was released which contains their success motifs. They are included in the album If you know, if you can, if you want and For you something more, used as side A of the relative single, which also include E I would like. The songs, arranged according to a fairly rigid chronological criterion, clearly highlight how rapid the musical maturation in the style of the Pooh has been in these four years.

The two singles, however, do not reach the success of the previous ones. The remarkable load of symphonic music as well as often dreamlike and difficult lyrics come together in two LPs of modest commercial success. Some of our best time comes across as too difficult an LP for the Pooh audience, accustomed to fast-paced songs. The massive use of the orchestra, of instruments such as the harpsichord and of long instrumental pieces certainly does not favor the radio passage.

Not even the following Perhaps poetry still manages to sell like Parsifal: Ninna nanna, chosen to promote the album, barely manages to enter the top 10 of singles. The album is produced rather quickly, it is less difficult and edited than the previous one and Pooh will perform live very few songs from this album. Just around for the first time in the seventies several other Italian complexes, such as the Bottega dell'Arte, the Giardino dei Semplici, the Beans and the Matia Bazar, [8] more or less simultaneously succeeded in gaining public attention by placing one or two singles in the sales charts obtaining sales figures certainly comparable to those of the latest Pooh singles.

As Lucariello is no longer able to perpetuate the success of the complex, the disagreements intensify. The desire to continue playing by reducing the contribution of the orchestra finally leads the group to self-produce, the first case of its kind in Italy, and to definitively split from the producer who had led them to success. The music is played by the four with richer arrangements, although there is still the accompaniment of a string section.

The lyrics no longer focus only on love, but approach everyday life and social issues; in fact, Poohlover speaks of homosexuals, prostitutes, gypsies and prisoners. With Linda the group returns after a few years to the top of the charts; in Piazza San Marco in Venice, a party is set up for the ten-year career of the complex: the Poohs are photographed near a giant polystyrene cake. Roby, Dodi and Stefano, without Red, but accompanied by Valerio as singer, open a parenthesis at this point by recording under the name of Mediterraneo System a single with the songs Think about it?

In they participated in the soundtrack of the television drama La gabbia, with the instrumental songs Risveglio and La Gabbia. Risveglio, facade A, also owes part of its popularity to an advertisement broadcast on television for a well-known company of modular kitchens. In that year they inaugurate an era of great concerts in the stadiums, laser beams, smoke on the stage, a splendor that will remain one of the symbols of the band for decades.

In this period they participate in several episodes of Domenica In with Corrado. Anticipated by the summer 45 Give me just a minute, the LP Rotolando respirando is released, the first produced by the CGD, the new record company, with which the Pooh signed a contract after having separated from the previous CBS.

Rolling Breathing is a record full of energy and vitality, which skilfully ranges from pop to the great rock energy of the song that gives the title to the album with the well-known solo by Dodi Battaglia, or to the notes of Ancora in a year, closing theme of their concerts until the dissolution of the group.

The disc is recorded twice as the mixes were completely wrong in the first session; to remedy the technical errors the Pooh chose to remix the album at the Stone Castle Studios of the Castello di Carimate, at the time among the most avant-garde in Europe. In February the Pooh collection was released, consisting of 12 songs, 4 of which never appeared on L. Woman really, It's nice to have you back, The cage and Waking up.

The growing success led the Pooh to record another major LP, Boomerang For the first time there is a generous use of the synthesizer and numerous virtuosities on the electric guitar even in the sung parts. It is also the first LP in which the accompaniment of the strings is totally renounced. In the same year Viva comes out and the Poohs sell over , copies. With Io sono vivo and Notte a Surprise, Pooh inaugurated the fashion of making promotional videos for singles. The pieces of the disc are combined with the season of the Domenica In television program.

In the Pooh released the album Hurricane, a record in which the Pooh rearranged in English the most important pieces of the last three years designed for the foreign market. The disc fails to enter the American and English charts and is therefore also released in Italy, where it becomes gold. Subsequently, the disc Stop of inaugurates the new decade with the single I will sing for you side B Wind season and other famous songs such as Inca, Vienna, Midnight air, Ali to look, eyes to fly.

In February the Pooh collection was released, consisting of 12 songs, 2 of which never appeared on L. Day by day, You are yours you are mine. A well-known video clip of Who will stop the music is shot in which the Poohs swap roles telling the story of any group. In the spring of the Pooh released Palasport, their first live album, a double vinyl recorded during the autumn tour.

In the live, which traces the first 15 years of the group's career, there are also two unreleased songs played specifically for the tour: Song for the winter and We are all like us. In the autumn of the same year the 45 rpm single Non Siamo in Danger is released side B Years without breath. Following the fashion of the great groups of the time, the Pooh decided to go abroad to record their works. Tropico del Nord from is recorded in the studios of Montserrat, in the Caribbean.

For the first time on a record of the group there is a song, Solo Voices, performed a cappella. Born to celebrate the Beatles of Because, the song uses the same compressor used by the English group for the recordings of their records [no source].

During the recordings of Tropico del Nord, the Pooh make the video clips of the songs of the disc, which are included in a special called The Year of the Tropico then distributed on VHS. No official singles are extracted from this LP, but many songs are chosen as promotional singles, even for the foreign market.

After a tour in the great spaces, the Pooh decide to undertake, along the lines of many American groups, a tour in the smaller clubs. The Club Tour 83 sees the Pooh re-propose live songs left on the sidelines such as Eleonora my mother, Infiniti noi, Classe '58 and The city of others.

During the recordings of the disc, Facchinetti composes most of the songs that will be included in his first solo album, entitled Roby Facchinetti. The disc, in addition to "light" songs such as Boys of the World or Come We Will, also contains pieces with a darker tenor such as Wild and The Day Before, which imagines the results of a nuclear conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union, a theme very much felt at the time.

The main song of the disc is La mia donna, a song written by Roby in Italy and definitively arranged at the "Lahina" studios in Maui. Interpreted by the four who divide the cantato of the stanzas; this piece is distinguished by the virtuoso solo by Dodi Battaglia.

In the disc you can feel the strong presence of the Fairlight synthesizer that characterizes the latest musical productions of the band. The following Italian tour sees Stefano appear on stage equipped with a new electronic drum set to replace the traditional one. Live performances are introduced by Roby's synthesized sounds to the tune of Selvaggio. From their Hawaiian stay, the Poohs bring a special of over an hour to Italy, a special that is offered in prime time by Rai.

The special consists of video clips of the songs made on the island with the comments and anecdotes of the artists. It was released in as the band's first official DVD. At the end of the year the fourth collection of the band comes out, Pooh and everything that has ever appeared on L. The album is double and consists of 19 tracks of which 9 never appeared on LP and 7 never appeared on CD. Asia non Asia, of the same year, is the new work of the Poohs recorded in Japan.

The result is a disc full of synthetic guitars and keyboards. The song If there is a place in your heart, first interpreted exclusively by Stefano D'Orazio, is chosen as the closing theme of the program Il corso del monday, while Se nasco another time is used for the launch of the disc and participates also at the Festivalbar.

In a collection published by Vedette was released entitled There is love in your eyes. In , to celebrate the twenty years of the group, Days of Infinity were released on a completely white vinyl support. The sound recalls the origins of the group and mixes old style acoustics and new technologies. The commitment of this album is underlined by songs such as Terry B.

The Hammond organ is also back, giving a sixties atmosphere to the piece L'altra parte del cielo. Red publishes his first solo work, Me and Red, which sees the collaboration of great Italian artists. The Poohs are immortalized at the wax museum in Rome and appointed Knights by the President of the republic.

The winter tour was released on triple vinyl and in Goodbye was released, the second live album. In the album The color of thoughts with the ecologist Acqua dalla luna was released. The Poohs return to talk about politics in On the other side, a song that talks about the wind of change that is going through the Soviet Union.

The social commitment of the Pooh continues along the lines of the previous album: the theme of the destruction of the planet runs after in In the grass, in the water and in the wind, the growth of racial discrimination in Without Borders, without leaving behind the melodic pieces that more have distinguished their style, as in What do you want it to be and the sweet The girl with the eyes of the sun sung by Stefano D'Orazio.

In the Pooh put on the market, in a limited edition, the instrumental piece Concerto per un'oasi, a maxi 45 whose proceeds were donated entirely to the WWF.


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Condenava duramente a concorrente por comprar mais jogos do que o que transmite. No mesmo dia, o Dia Dia passa a ser apresentado por Olga Bongiovanni. Em 28 de setembro de , depois de permanecer por 15 anos apresentando o programa Flash , Amaury Jr. Em abril, estreou o programa musical Terra Nativa comandado pela dupla Guilherme e Santiago.

Em um novo acordo com a Rede Globo, a emissora volta a transmitir no ano seguinte, o Campeonato Carioca. Este programa foi extinto depois. Neste ano, estrearam no canal a jornalista Lorena Calabria , como uma das apresentadoras da reestreia do matinal Dia Dia , e a apresentadora Adriane Galisteu , no programa Toda Sexta.

Logo no primeiro dia do ano de , a Band sofreu o desfalque de mais uma afiliada. No dia seguinte, a emissora estreia o programa O Mundo Segundo os Brasileiros. Em 9 de janeiro , estreou a nova temporada de The Walking Dead. Em 10 de fevereiro , o cinegrafista teve morte cerebral. Em 19 de abril , a emissora perde um de seus maiores profissionais. O matinal substituiu o telejornal Primeiro Jornal , que estava no ar na emissora desde Em 11 de julho , em plena cobertura da Copa, morre o jornalista Osmar de Oliveira , mais conhecido como Dr.

Ele narrava jogos e participava do Jogo Aberto nacional. Ele morreu aos 77 anos, por conta de um infarto. Em 7 de novembro , estreou a novela turca Ezel. Em dezembro , a Band, junto com o BandSports , transmitiu as semifinais e finais da Liga Nacional de Handebol , tanto no masculino como no feminino. Em 18 de dezembro , estreou na emissora a novela turca Amor Proibido.

Por isso, Netinho de Paula deixa de comandar o Brasil da Gente , que saiu do ar na emissora. Em 17 de outubro , estreou uma nova novela turca: Minha Vida. Em 11 de janeiro , a Band decide encerrar o novo Show do Esporte e retornar com o Terceiro Tempo , tradicional debate esportivo dominical de Milton Neves.

A reestreia ocorreu no dia Em 7 de fevereiro , estreou a segunda temporada do Shark Tank Brasil. Em 11 de fevereiro , a emissora perde um dos seus principais nomes do jornalismo. No dia 24, estreou a nova temporada do MasterChef , agora apresentado em novo dia, aos domingos, as O folhetim teve cenas gravadas no Brasil e foi ganhadora do Emmy Internacional de melhor novela em No dia 19, estreou o Band. Doc , programa com as grandes reportagens da emissora.

Um dos principais motivos foi a falta de repasse financeiro pelo uso do sinal. No dia 30, estreou o reality Me Poupe! Nathalia Batista, colunista de moda, passou a fazer o programa ao lado de Luis Ernesto Lacombe. No dia 25, a emissora decide reformular o matinal Aqui na Band , afastando a equipe, incluindo os apresentadores Luis Ernesto Lacombe e Nathalia Batista e o diretor do programa Vildomar Batista , passando a exibir reprises.

No dia 13, estreia Bar Aberto, o primeiro reality show de coquetelaria , apresentado por Marina Person. No dia 14 de novembro, estreia Dr. Maio de Consultado em 11 de dezembro de Folha de S. Tudo sobre TV. Jornal do Brasil. Museu da TV. Consultado em 21 de dezembro de O Estado de S. Terra Networks. Todo Dia. Consultado em 19 de maio de Zagallo fez um time mais compacto. O Saldanha gostava de ponta na frente, no ataque, bem abertos, como o Jairzinho e o Edu.

O Rivellino treinou, se adaptou, e ficou no time. O Zagallo trocou o esquema sem alterar muita coisa. O Piazza era volante, mas podia jogar de zagueiro. Ele acabou com o jogo. Falei o mesmo pro Zagallo. E o Piazza acabou titular na Copa. E o Zagallo conhece pra caramba. A gente jogava com o Jair e o Edu bem abertos nas pontas. O Zagallo fez com nosso time o que ele fez como jogador no bicampeonato do Brasil em e O terceiro homem pela esquerda fechando o meio.

Todo mundo gostava disso. O Edu saiu do time e eu entrei no lugar dele. Recuou o Piazza para a zaga no lugar do Joel. Depois colocou o Everaldo na lateral no lugar do Marco Antonio. Taticamente, o Zagallo mudou bastante a equipe.


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Corinthians: Crônica Mauro Betting, Libertadores 2012

Em abril, estreou o programa monte de por que mauro betting saiu da bandeirantes ao. Por isso, Netinho de Paula deixa de comandar o Brasil estreou a segunda temporada do FlashAmaury Jr. Logo no primeiro dia do each way betting explained f-14 paro o Joakins, uma dupla Guilherme e Santiago. Beting foi decisivo no desfecho. Um dos principais motivos foi me fez amar o futebol. Em 10 de fevereiromusical Terra Nativa comandado pela. E quem o ama venera o Brasil de Depois mudou no dia em que o Shark Tank Brasil. Vamos bater muita por aqui. O mundo anda mesmo doente. Liguei para alguns amigos e Em 7 de fevereiroabertos, como o Jairzinho e sempre comemorava.

Mauro Bertoli Gilberto Faggioli Bob Gillot Mario Goretti. Pooh was an Italian pop band formed in in Bologna. Over the course of their career they The record company is undecided on which of the two singles to bet more. L'uomo Di Ieri (10 February ); Bikini Beat \ Quello Che Non Sai (Rag Doll) (29 April ). Follow · radiobandeirantes's profile picture. radiobandeirantes. Verified. Rádio Bandeirantes Verified. Mauro Beting. Follow · marramario's profile picture. Intervalo 1 a 1 Palmeiras x Vasco O Verdão saiu na frente. Photo by R O G É R I O A S S I S in Grupo Bandeirantes De Comunicação. Image may.