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With less than two weeks to go before woodbridge favorites off-track betting south Breeders' Cup makes New Jersey the center of world sports betting head office horse-racing universe, its latest venue for off-track wagering is poised at the starting line. The sleek, high-tech "Favorites at Woodbridge," designed to buck the dingy image of storefront off-track betting parlors in New York, opens today for simulcast betting. The sprawling 23,square-foot facility assembled a dizzying array of screens, machines and entrees -- the restaurant's offerings range from the Breeder Cup Jumbo Burger to the New Zealand Rack of Lamb -- to attract an upscale clientele. Another OTW has been proposed for Toms River, but plans have stalled amid opposition from nearby residents.

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Explain spread betting

NFL spread betting is very easy to understand and this page will explain it in detail. In NFL spread betting the oddsmakers set a number of points that one team is favoured by in the game. This is also known as the games handicap. For a wager on the favourite to payout the favoured team must win the game by more points than the spread amount. This is known as covering the spread.

For a wager on the underdog to win, the team must either win the game straight up or lose be fewer points than the spread. This is known as beating the spread. For example, if a team is favoured by 7 points, then the favourite must win by more than a touchdown to cover the spread and the underdog must either win, or lose by less than a touchdown in order to beat the spread. If one were to bet on the Bears, the Bears would have to win outright or lose by no less than 6 points for the bettor to win.

A 7 point victory by the Colts would equal a push or tie. Are you new to Sports Betting? If you are or, if you just want to try betting an unfamiliar sport, here are some guides to help you out! What is a Point Spread or Side Bet? Thanks to changes in state law, Indiana residents and those visiting the state can now go place sports bets Coronavirus and Sports Betting Monday, 01 February


For a wager on the underdog to win, the team must either win the game straight up or lose be fewer points than the spread. This is known as beating the spread. For example, if a team is favoured by 7 points, then the favourite must win by more than a touchdown to cover the spread and the underdog must either win, or lose by less than a touchdown in order to beat the spread. Here is an example:. In this case the oddsmakers feel that it is more likely that the Packers will cover the 3 point spread than it is that the Vikings will beat it.

In the two examples given in this article the spreads are whole numbers. If the game finishes with the favourite winning by exactly the spread amount then the bet is pushed and the wager is refunded. It is also possible for spreads to include half points eg. Many factors can influence a change of the spread such as injuries, the number of bets coming in for either team or the weather, to name a few.

Depending on the timing of placing the bet, the bettor can also have an advantage or a disadvantage depending on which way the spread has shifted. If bettors had wagered on Dallas on Monday, that means they would be at a disadvantage compared to bettors who waited until Thursday because the Thursday bettors now only need Dallas to win by four points instead of five.

But it can also go the other way:. Yes, in fact, sportsbooks also release spreads for different points in the match like after the first quarter or first half, which is called live betting or in-game betting. As you can see, Dallas is a 2. Look for key numbers such as five and seven because they tend to represent two- and three-possession games.

In both cases, the spread is almost always If New York pulls off an outright upset, then that is also a winning wager. Need more winning picks? The handicapping, sports odds information contained on this website is for entertainment purposes only.

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The point spread is sometimes known as an equalizer for sportsbook operators. All teams aren't created equally, so sportsbooks can create a point spread for a. This is one of the most common questions in sports betting, especially to new sports bettors. The point spread is how teams or sides of varying. What is a Point Spread or Side Bet? A point spread is used in sports betting to even the odds between two unevenly matched teams. Each team is given a point​.