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With less than two weeks to go before woodbridge favorites off-track betting south Breeders' Cup makes New Jersey the center of world sports betting head office horse-racing universe, its latest venue for off-track wagering is poised at the starting line. The sleek, high-tech "Favorites at Woodbridge," designed to buck the dingy image of storefront off-track betting parlors in New York, opens today for simulcast betting. The sprawling 23,square-foot facility assembled a dizzying array of screens, machines and entrees -- the restaurant's offerings range from the Breeder Cup Jumbo Burger to the New Zealand Rack of Lamb -- to attract an upscale clientele. Another OTW has been proposed for Toms River, but plans have stalled amid opposition from nearby residents.

Financial spread betting training day cast world cup 2021 group betting on sports

Financial spread betting training day cast

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Sportingbet trades at a significant discount which seems overly harsh given its Australian business and improving regulatory profile. The stock looks to be in the early stages of a bull market with the RSI rising towards the key 50 level and the downtrending flag formation being probed on the upside. A break of this would presage a 30p move the height of the flag. First resistance comes in at 40p.

A move above 35p would negate this scenario though and send loud signals that the trend had turned 2 years being the typical bear period in any event, and of which we are now complete from a timescale perspective. The days are long gone when we were giddy that our phone came with an in-built calculator, preferring now instead to send birds flying across our touchscreens into castles full of pigs, but what are the most useful phones for spreadbetting and trading?

And how important is the battle between hardware and software? Although the phone is being sold on its remarkable audio capabilities and the eponymous Beats headphones, this smartphone is no slouch when it comes to more traditional and productive fare. Slick hardware is built around a lightning fast 1. As with most Android phones, the lockscreen, displayed on a gorgeous 4.

There are better apps than the Stocks, Stock Quote and Stock Watcher trio that are ubiquitous; City Trading, for example, which allows you to check prices, open and close positions and fully manage your orders right from your handset. With speed, looks and a fantastic audio package, this phone looks like a world beater. While some of those claims may be exaggerated Apple show no sign of leaving the party just yet , there is no doubt that the Galaxy SIII is a remarkable phone.

An immersive 4. Coupled with an 8 megapixel camera and a camcorder that records in full HD and the package is a visual dream come true. With Android phones being broadly capable of the same things, built as they are on almost identical operating systems, the market is dominated by those who win the hardware wars. This alone has pushed Samsung to achieve beyond what most would have thought possible five years ago. For trading and spreadbetting, the phone comes into its own with the Pop up Play feature which makes full use of both the mighty Quad processor and the beautiful screen by allowing multi-tasking within the same screen.

So, what can we expect from the iPhone 5? There are also improbable rumours that the new phone will include an interchangeable camera lens and be made completely from liquid metal. Whatever the case, it is certain that the new iPhone will be a huge success.

For those who have not read the book, it is a great read and in it Schwager expertly interviews a number of the top traders of the time. For me, the standout interview in the book was with Seykota. Reading this interview alone is enough to set the trader on the right path. Throughout the interview Sekyota gives various jewels of trading advice.

I have interspersed this piece with numerous quotes from Seykota. I suggest reading each quote and letting it sink in before reading further. You may gain considerable insight by doing so. This, on a returns basis, puts him ahead of anyone else over the same time period and by quite a long way.

This return has been adjusted for capital withdrawals so in theory it is considerably higher! The reason why Seykota is not a household name is that, for the most part, he keeps himself to himself and does not manage the substantial sums that other less capable money managers do. He also trades by himself from an office in his home in Lake Tahoe, and has had few, if any, staff over the years to assist him.

Considering that he has achieved the aforementioned returns by using a purely mechanical approach, it is very much worthwhile exploring and understanding what he has to say. This is something I did over a decade ago; finding out everything I possibly could about his trading principles and trading style. Doing this enabled me to drastically speed up the learning process. Cutting losses, 2. Cutting losses, 3. Cutting losses. If you can follow these three rules you may have a chance. Seykota came across Donchian in a newsletter where Donchian stated that a purely mechanical system could beat the market.

From there Seykota became an ardent tester of trading systems and concluded that a mechanical trend following approach, with good money management, was the optimum approach; an approach that he has been using himself to beat the markets consistently for almost 4 decades. Whilst it is true that back-testing does not ensur successful future performance, you can pretty much guarantee that if something does not work in back-testing it certainly will not work in real life.

He has even formed his own style of communicating; speaking and writing almost exclusively in the present tense. He rarely makes references to the past or the future. He follows a purely mechanical trend following approach to trading the markets combined with robust risk management rules. He is similarly unconcerned with trying to predict the future, an exercise he considers pointless.

My research definitely concurs on both points. Below I have included a few other quotes from Seykota that give an insight in to his thinking process and approach to trading:. Push and pull your hands with the waves. Some are bigger waves, some are smaller. The market is always right. These barriers include certain capital requirements as well as interviewing each prospective client several times to ensure that their thinking and objectives are aligned with his.

He states that clients, whose thinking is aligned with his, tend to improve his performance whereas those who are not compatible tend to hinder his performance. Angus Campbell, Chief market analyst at London Capital Group, provides Spreadbet Magazine readers with an interesting take on just what their clients have been trading this year - were you in the majority or minority?

The first half of has certainly had its ups and downs and it has been interesting to observe just how our clients have reacted to those trends. It would be hard to say the same for clients who, on the whole, would have experienced a half of two very different quarters. In what was almost a carbon copy of , we commenced the year slowly grinding higher as investors remained optimistic that the eurozone would muddle through, but then it soon became apparent that Greece was teetering on the edge and close to exiting altogether.

The FTSE remains one of our most popular traded markets and as can be easily deciphered from the graph above, in particular during January and March of Q1, the index ground higher and remained in a very narrow trading range, much like many of the other global markets. This trend then reversed from March onwards when things in the eurozone started to kick off and which subsequently led to the Greek default yet still managing somehow to remain within the single currency.

As the markets rebounded towards the end of Q2 and volatility fell away, we saw an almost instant change in client behaviour as they migrated back away from trading the indices into FX once again. It will be interesting to see just what shape client activity takes for the remainder of the year; in particular with the Olympics about start in earnest and the Great British summer now in full swing what summer I hear you cry! While LCG attempts to ensure that the information herein is accurate at the date the information was produced, however, LCG does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, completeness, performance or fitness for a particular purpose of any of the information provided herein and under no circumstances are they to be considered an offer, solicitation to invest or be construed as giving investment advice.

This month, we take a look at how Straddles and Strangles can be useful in certain environments and finish up with a trade recommendation for implementing such a strategy. What type of scenario is this applicable to? A long straddle, providing you do not pay too much for the premium, is the perfect way to play such an event. Below is a diagram of a Long Straddle. The net effect is that the cost of the strategy is lower but, as with anything in investment, the lower the cost, the lower the probability of a return.

With a Strangle you are basically paying purely for time value and you require a larger move to occur in order to make a profit. The Puts would trade for say 33 and the Calls for say You can then carry the position for free. Taking the current market backdrop and linking in with one of our previous Conviction Buy recommendations which has not played out well so far, it has to be said an ideal candidate for a Strangle play is Research in Motion.

An upside move on a bid could yield 4 - 9 times your money. Below is a chart of RIM with the expected Strangle range underlying this recommendation. Isaacson later followed up the book with an article in the Harvard Business Review that gave reasons for the incredible success story behind Apple and his key management principles.

From the time in that Jobs returned to an almost broken company after previously being forced out, under his stewardship, the last 15 years have made the company an incredible investment for those holders of the stock.

These lessons are key for success in technology where the focus is all too often on short term gimmicks remember Motorola? People form an opinion about a product or a company on the basis of how it is presented and packaged. It also knows how to leapfrog when it finds itself behind. Everything else was secondary. Sure, it was great to make a profit, because that was what allowed you to make great products. But the products, not the profits, were the motivation.

In March Apple has said it will use its cash pile to start paying a dividend to shareholders and to buy back some of its shares. The last time the company paid a dividend was ; two years before Jobs came back to the company in a state of disarray.

The future The question is what the future holds for Apple? Will it be like the last 15 years, or are things getting tougher for the success story above all other success stories? Is Tim Cook up to the task and can he step into the very large shoes that Jobs left behind? Its shares had collapsed under the leadership of Gil Amelio and John Sculley who took the helm from Jobs after he was ousted from the company and left to found NeXT a new computer company and buy animation studio Pixar - from which he went on to make over a billion dollars.

It recently launched a well received new ultra thin Mac Book Pro computer with a super high resolution retina display which followed the iPad 3 in March this year. Apple will report earnings for its third fiscal quarter on Tuesday, July 24 its fiscal year is between October and September. Investors will be looking at the performance of the iPhone and eagerly await news of the next generation iPhone 5 due out this autumn.

There are rumours of a mini iPad to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Tablet range and possibly the much anticipated Apple TV set - in short, an exciting array of products for the Apple acolytes, and that should continue to keep the coffers of the company overflowing Analysts are expecting iPad sales to come in around the million mark compared with 9.

Competition is increasing of course. Samsung is doing a great job pushing the Android phone platform developed by Google, and Microsoft is due to enter the tablet market with the Surface which might heat things up for iPad. The company has managed to emotionally tie consumers to its products like no other: meaning that once you are using a Mac computer or an iPhone, it is difficult to go back to a PC or a Nokia.

The Eurozone, as a group of seventeen, is in serious danger as many see it shrinking. If things go terribly wrong, the Eurozone may consolidate into a core of strong Northern nations anchored by France, Germany and the Benelux and a 2-tier continent similar to the old days before the ERM will likely emerge. The austerity measures imposed on Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain the so called PIIGS have been so rigid that these governments are now facing huge costs as a consequence of the implementation of these measures, and that are translating into galloping unemployment rates and abrupt contractions in the respective countries economic output.

Living conditions are deteriorating quickly and social upheaval is arising. The Greeks had to renegotiate debt terms last year to avoid a default and a number of Spanish banks also had to receive a bailout a few days ago to avoid bankruptcy. Similarly, Cyprus is now part of the ignominious club of bailed out countries, and uncertainty about the future for these nations continues to rise.

In order to avoid being caught off-guard in the middle of a political and economic chaos, spread bettors need to understand all the options and possibilities they face. Three Scenarios We Must Consider Between a partial and a full breakup there are so many variations that it would be impossible to consider them all, but there are at least three scenarios that are worth being highlighted: a total breakup, a split into two euro areas, and a shrunken euro area.

The last scenario is, in our opinion, the most likely to happen at this point, but we will briefly look at all options. Total Breakup A total breakup is something that is very unlikely to suddenly occur quite simply because of the vested political capital and interest of the major European leaders who will try everything they possibly can to keep the Euro alive. Only after failing completely they will put such an option on the table. A total breakup is more likely to occur as a consequence of a partial breakup that went really wrong.

At that point, the worst would have likely come to pass and a total breakup would be a mere formality. Split Into Two Euro Areas This is another option with, in our opinion, a low probability of occurring, but has been put on the table several times not only now but also before the creation of the Eurozone. Since there is a distinction between the PIIGS and the rest of the Eurozone or, more simply, between the northern and southern countries, some economists think Germany could try to create a restricted euro area with countries like Austria and the Netherlands that have more of a tradition of imposing tight controls on budget deficits and let the other countries form a second Eurozone.

Since France would hardly accept German leadership, it would probably prefer to join this second Eurozone as the leading country. But one of the reasons that led to the creation of the EU in was to join Germany and France in the same area. A split into two euro areas would undermine the original objectives of the EU creation. The idea of Europe running at two speeds has previously been abandoned and we doubt it can be adopted now.

Partial Breakup This is the most likely scenario, and the one spread bettors should be prepared for. At some point in time, one or more Eurozone countries can decide to exit or maybe not actually being left with any other option. The effects deriving from such a decision would vary widely from country to country and depending on how suddenly it occurs and also how mutually agreed-upon the exit is. The bigger the surprise; the uglier the financial consequences.

The most discussed possibility has been that of a Greek exit. Germany, and especially Finland, are giving out increasingly more apparent signs of an unwillingness to supply much more in the way of funds or, indeed, to give any extension on adopted measures for the bailed out countries. No doubt preparations for such an outcome have been scenario tested and the major banks would survive it. The Drachma would be re-introduced - with a probable immediate halving of its value relative to its Euro entry level.

The gains in competitiveness would be outpaced by inflation in the short term and the economy further throttled by rises in interest rates. It seems that either route, inside or outside the euro, the Greeks will continue to see their economy shrink. Should Greece be ejected from the Eurozone, a trade to consider would be to buy the exporters and those tourism exposed plays on a sharp sell off. Unfortunately, financial and economic linkages are strong in this era of Globalisation and, if Greece is pushed out, investors would start to fear the same fate for the other PIIGS, and will require higher yields to buy Sovereign debt from these troubled countries.

No matter the efforts to accomplish all troika goals, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, and Spain would face prohibitive borrowing costs in public debt markets. That may trigger the need for a bailout in the giant of the pack - Italy or the need for further austerity in others. Downgrades from ratings agencies would follow, share values would suffer in those countries and the Euro will become more volatile.

The problem of a simple, orderly exit by only Greece would likely turn into the problem of an exit question hanging over several other countries. If more than one country exits, or if one of the exiting countries is Italy or Spain, things would be uglier, much uglier Italy and Spain are the fourth and fifth largest EU economies representing If one of those is pushed out of the Eurozone, the negative effects would spread very quickly.

First of all, the exit of one of those countries would almost certainly lead to the inevitable exit of all the other PIIGS. The Euro would most likely suffer huge losses against the US Dollar, the Yen and the Pound as investors run for the exit from Sovereign bonds. Italy and Spain are key to this problem and spread bettors should concentrate on how their specific situations develop.

Short positions on the large German and UK banks would be fertile profit hunting ground too. The disruption of the Eurozone, or at least of part of it, has important potential effects on the British economy. The pound has been acting as a safe heaven in recent months, in stark contrast to the severe depreciation of recent years. Investors and citizens of troubled countries are looking for places to put their money and the pound is presently near the top of their list of choices.

The coalition government welcomes this influx of capital if not the BoE as it provides them the ability to raise debt at a very low cost. A year Gilt is currently yielding just 1. Spread bettors may defensively add some Gilts to their portfolios and benefit from such a situation. The pair is quickly approaching the low observed on October at 0. And so, in a desperate move, the SNB pegged the currency to the Euro.

Can this peg hold in the event that there is a significant euro area exit? People looking for safe places to put money will target the Swiss Franc and will frustrate the SNB efforts. In the event of a major disruption in the Euro, a new Deutsche Mark would likely appreciate so dramatically, and the contraction amongst European countries would be so acute that Germany would inevitably suffer a deep recession.

China is a major concern. The country has already been cooling as detailed in the latest GDP data, and its main import and export partner is of course the EU. Should the Eurozone end or shrink, or even if the EU economies simply continue retreating, international trade will be affected and Chinese policy makers will not be able to avoid a hard landing for the economy.

Conclusion: Any break away by a member country of the Euro, even if only a partial break up, would result in a severe drag on most global economies, and would be a serious drawback for the European project; representing a retreat of decades of vested political interest - this will not be given up easily. Any recession would be deep and long lasting. As a spreadbettor, if you are in the camp that we will muddle through, then a risk long position in Italian and Spanish equities could pay handsome dividends, as with a short Gold and long Euro position.

If you want to position yourself for a break up, then a look at Eurusd Put options, Treasury bond Call options and FTSE Put options will likely provide materially profitable pay offs should the worst come to pass. Will a breakup really happen? Place your bets! Anyhow, I decided not to be lazy and not tell you what I spreadbetted this month, no, instead here is something I thought of myself. So here was my spreadbet trade idea.

And here was my thought process. I note profits are rising nicely, it has tons of cash and is in a growing business supplying systems so that mug punters can play online poker, bingo and ountless other ways to lose their money. So the price is around Peaked at in the middle of May and has obvious support at with my extremely basic reading of a chart. So here is how I feel the trade can be played, and indeed how I intend to play it.

So, I need to place a stop to get out of the trade quickly if it goes wrong. But where? The stop has to be set away from an early spike out. If the stop gets hit, I can try the trade again, but this time somewhere near the support area. So I could set a trailing stop of 15p, or manually raise the stop from time to time as it goes up. But peanuts. And there is an extra possible bit to the plan. It gets to but level 2 looks strong, there are plenty of buyers, maybe it will break out.

Okay, so now what happens if the share rises? Well, I can gradually raise the stop up under the price, but remember the spread early doors can be 13p. And all this set up is a bit of common sense, a bit of looking at the order book, a bit of looking at a basic chart, and a bit of tea and a bit of toast! Could anything go seriously wrong? Well, yes.. Indeed I can go off on holiday now and let the trade run. Deal or No Deal? Tune in next time, folks and see what happened This dream-like collection of islands features an abundance of natural beauty, coral marine life, scintillating seascapes and, of course, some superb Indian Ocean hotels.

From the charm of the Seychelles to the vast, untouched beaches of Mauritius, the undiscovered coves of the Maldives and the surprising greenery and rolling plains of Sri Lanka, there is something for everyone here with a number of world renowned luxury hotels and resorts to choose from. The Seychelles The archipelago of the Seychelles comprises of individual islands, each with their own personality and topography. The beaches in Mauritius are truly outstanding.

Ile aux Cerfs is possibly the most beautiful beach on Mauritius located on a small private island just off the main coast. The hillside and pool villas have spectacular views and include private plunge-pools, sun-loungers and sun decks along with impressive interior furnishings. For adventure lovers, Desroches Island features a bounty of water sports and land activities including deep sea diving, big game fishing, guided snorkelling and two complimentary bicycles with each room, allowing you to explore the local scenery.

The resort is also all-inclusive offering you all meals, drinks and non-motorised land and water based activities as part of your holiday package. Mauritius Around miles south of the Seychelles, and just off the coast of the Republic of Madagascar, is the volcanic island of Mauritius. With stunning beaches, lush greenery and striking underwater coral reefs, Mauritius is yet another dynamic holiday paradise.

Most five star resorts in Mauritius also enjoy beach-front locations giving guests priority access to beautiful beaches and glistening waters. Angsana Balaclava resort stands along the glorious white sands of Baie aux Tortues in the north west of the island and enjoys views over Turtle Bay. Their destination dining service can make any holiday extra special with guests having the option of enjoying a private dinner on the beach or on the jetty under the tropical stars of the Indian Ocean.

Nevertheless, it is a country that has widespread appeal because of its spectacular landscape, buzzing bird-life and hospitable locals. From the minute you arrive, a Maldives holiday can be magical. Choose a seaplane transfer from Male to your chosen resort and enjoy spectacular views of the Maldivian Islands from the sky. The exclusive hotels in Sri Lanka, such as The Fortress and Casa Colombo, are quite special and offer something very different for holidaymakers.

Casa Colombo is a grand year old boutique all-suite hideaway oozing sophistication and glamour. With one-of-a-kind creations, including glass sun-loungers and a pink-tiled swimming pool, the hotel has a startling yet impressive aura. Guests can envelope themselves in a luxury escape that retains a true Maldivian feel.

The Sri-Lankan towns of Galle and Kalutara are good spots to explore while Bentota Beach offers a serene area for relaxation, depending on what type of holiday you prefer. The Maldives Last but not least, a Maldives holiday is, unsurprisingly, a dramatically beautiful experience. Coined as one of the best destinations for honeymooners, the Maldives does have more than an air of romance about it.

Couples can enjoy the delicate sandy beaches, ocean visages and dream-like accommodation whether enjoying an exotic honeymoon or just a mesmerising holiday. The brand new Niyama resort offers the very best in contemporary chic with a modern Maldivian twist; bright colours, cool lines and views to die for are the order of the day here! So, if you require luxury, relaxation, style and natural beauty from a holiday, the Indian Ocean is a must.

The standard of each resort is spectacular as are the facilities they provide, and for hardworking, tired souls a holiday here is the perfect remedy. Our experienced travel team can help you find your perfect Indian Ocean getaway. Whether it be the Maldives or Mauritius, the Seychelles or Sri Lanka, they can provide a tailor-made service that meets all your holiday needs. These off-take and finance packages will fund the capital required for the restart of the Rio Tinto mine in return for copper pre-sale agreements.

The key permits requiring approval are environmental, project and Administrative Standing which would trigger access to adjacent project lands not already owned by EMED. A sale and purchase agreement with Rumbo 5-Cero, S. Full production levels once ramped up over an initial three years would amount to 9Mt per year being mined from beyond FY We ascribe value to the remaining NI resource at the Rio Tinto project based on the updated production plans that would have the current copper reserves at Rio Tinto mined over FY This we calculate from a comparison of several listed, small-to mid-cap copper explorers Exhibit 4.

Although by no means identical to the Rio Tinto project, they nevertheless serve as a useful proxy and means of comparative valuation. This would equate to Exhibit 7 shows the possibility of extending the proposed pit at a shallow depth and to the north right hand side of diagram so as to increase this mineable reserve.

Should approval of the restart be received environmental, project and Administrative Standing , EMED would be able to trigger project financing. It intends to trigger the project at that stage and to commence further exploratory drilling and resource delineation at the various deposits at the Rio Tinto mine with a view to expansion beyond the initial base case 9Mtpa ore throughput for 37,tpa copper-in-concentrate.

Should the funding arrangement be contractually agreed, EMED will be fully funded to commence mining operations once restart approval is granted. Technical Picture As you can see from the weekly chart below, the stock has traded between a high of 30p in and a low of 3. In the process, the company has been tracing out a very large triangle formation and now sits just on the downtrend line of this chart pattern structure.

If the stock can break through here and taking the typical charting theory with regards to a flag and triangle formation of measuring the height of the pattern and projecting forward, then a long term case could be made for a 25p move to the upside and so a target of 35p - in line with the fundamental picture above. What I find particularly constructive about the chart is the RSI that is above the 50 centre line and that there looks to be the making of a golden cross formation 10 week through the 40 week moving average.

Any move back up through 13p will be very positive from a technical basis. The powers-that-be have decided that the way out of the debt crisis is by deliberately creating inflation, whilst keeping interest rates nailed to the ground. This is the perfect environment for gold to rise, even though it is currently experiencing a major correction. I am also very positive on the long-term outlook for gold miners.

Over the long run, the world gold mining sector has delivered better returns than developed world equities as a whole. And, when gold price is rising strongly, gold miners often enjoy even more powerful gains. The flipside of this is that they can come down to earth with a very hard bump during the times of weakness for the yellow metal, such as those at present. The big sell-off in Randgold was not entirely unhealthy from a technical viewpoint. The price did not fall below its March lows, thereby keeping the long-term uptrend intact.

Randgold had also become somewhat stretched on its weekly and monthly momentu indicators, a problem that has been eliminated through its plunge. Assuming it can do so, I would like to buy into the ongoing uptrend every time the price pulls back to its day EMA and then rallies anew.

Egypt is reliant on foreign investment, so the authorities may tread carefully. But radical and inexperienced administrations can, and often do, spring nasty surprises. Centamin Chart Day-to-day operations at Centamin have also caused some concern lately, albeit on a much lesser scale. Dearer fuel-costs in Egypt have bitten into profitability, along with a shift in production towards low-grade areas while access to the higher-grade areas is developed.

Still, the company is on course to meet its target of producing , ounces this year. However, it has done so in choppy fashion. Choppiness is typically the hallmark of a counter-trend move. It also makes trading difficult. For now, I would see a drop to 59p and 53p as the likeliest outcome.

Drops through the day EMA would be my ideal shorting opportunities. The company is prospecting for gold in Turkey and East and West Africa. It is hoping to begin mining at its Turkish site outside the city of Konya in the first half of Small stocks such as this are not ideal for the purposes of technical analysis. Because they are illiquid, the trends and formations on the charts can be much less reliable. The next targets for Stratex lie down at 4. My preferred strategy would be to open short positions on further unsuccessful rallies to and slightly above the day EMA.

Since hitting However, there is no immediate clue that its descent may be coming to an end. Square Mile Data takes a look at Rockhopper and Avocet Mining this month for potential clues on reading the stock on loan data. Opportunities in trading come along every day of the week so why rush into any particular one that does not look to be a great risk:reward trade-off?

At Square Mile Data, we have clients who regularly watch stock on loan activity and then pounce at the most opportune time instead of blithely rushing in. The stock on loan had been increasing from April of this year as you can see below. We were particularly interested in this at Square Mile because we had detected a similar pattern in other stocks, and this is something we will be developing a pattern recognition scan for. One we would have not caught, because stock on loan data is always delivered 3 days in arrears, is Rockhopper RKH , but it is interesting for very different reasons.

This increase was not supported by the volume of stock traded so I suspect that someone was keeping their gunpowder dry. We will find out more next week when the stock on loan figures catch up and perhaps the FSA with them For example, take a look at - an on-line gambling company. I have followed the share for several years from the share price lows to the business turnaround in recent months, and traded in and out of it quite successfully. Continuing decreases in stock on loan caught my attention and I was long.

A subsequent positive announcement by the company stating there would be a material and significant improvement in profits for the year was the catalyst to drive up share price. I am still long. Whoever made the 1. Some traders have impeccable timing again, cough, cough! If I see a price crash, I check out stock on loan immediately because it can possibly tell me if there has been an overreaction.

For example, if there is a large amount of stock on loan, any share price bounce can be accentuated to the upside. I also always watch the top 20 stock on loan figures which are available daily to registered members of our www. Separately, we have created with a partner company - Titan Investment Partners, an actual portfolio within a managed spreadbetting account that includes these stocks, and that is managed according to a specific mandate that adheres to our own trading philosophy of controlled leverage, diversification and risk management.

Any readers interested in this portfolio, email us at editor financial-spread-betting. Heritage Oil and Xcite Energy are the 2 stocks with news this month; below is a brief overview of these:. We await terms of the rights issue but the expectation is that once the shares re-list that a significant re-rating is on the cards. We caught up with Paul Atherton after the deal announcement and who was in bullish mood with regards to the acquisition the Group has made. The cash-flow profile of the Group will be transformed and the rights issue will be likely the last capital raising required by the Group to complete the exploration projects in Tanzania, Russia and Malta, as well as develop out the Miran fields.

We raised the issue of the buy-back of stock over the last 12 months which was, in hindsight, ill judged given the capital raising requirement now. The problem is for those parties that cannot afford to take up the rights issue who will suffer by way of the dilution that will occur; although if the net effect is to raise the valuation of the company materially, then I suppose this offsets this.

We will update once the rights issue terms are revealed. This planned shut-in period and pressure build-up test is designed to obtain key information about the Bentley reservoir and the mobility of its fluids for use in interpreting the subsequent flow data and for planning the next step of the Bentley field development. Following this build-up test, the flow test will continue as planned. The Scott Spirit tanker is currently hooked up to the Rowan Norway rig with a view to collecting at least 45, barrels of oil during the extended well test.

Further updates from Bentley on the well test are expected through July and August. How to own a Supercar without breaking the bank Every successful trader thinks about what they are going to spend their hard earned income on.

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And it is not just the size of your bet, but the underlying position. That is a pretty hefty bet, similar in exposure to selling 1, shares. The spread-better will not pass on all of the interest earned on that money. Some of it goes to pay the long-term owner of the shares, some goes to you and the rest goes to the spread-better.

Different spread-betters share out the interest in different ways, but they nearly all use a formula based on the Bank of England 's overnight interest rates a rate called Libor, the London Interbank offered rate. If you get Libor minus basis points - which would work out at 2. What's more, all profits from shorting stocks, indices, currencies and commodities are free from capital gains tax CGT if you use a spread-better.

If the idea of earning money while you short stocks appeals, remember there is no such thing as a free lunch. One downside of shorting is that you are liable for the dividends if you hold the shares over the ex-dividend date the cut-off point for shareholders to be eligible for the most recent dividend payment. To see why, cast your mind back to that long-term shareholder who is lending out his stock, say, Lloyds TSB.

When Lloyds pays out a 7 per cent dividend, don't imagine he'll forget that fact. He will want his dividend paid into his account. You, as the shorter, have to pay it if you are shorting the shares when they go ex-dividend. The terminology used with contracts for difference CFDs may vary slightly from spread-bets, but they boil down to much the same thing.

When shorting with a spread-bet, you choose how many pounds per point you want to bet on a company to fall. With the spread-bet, the only charge is in the bid-to-offer spread. For example, a spread-better such as IG Index might quote you a price of And that 3p spread is where it makes its profits. However, the bid-offer spread for a CFD in HBOS should be the same as in the underlying market, which may be as narrow as 1,p-1, Most, but not all, CFD providers offer a wider range of companies and markets to short than do spread-betters.

That said, if you come a cropper with a trade, you can offset any losses against future capital gains - something that is impossible with spread-bets. If you are trying to follow the mentality of the hedge fund, you expect to make losses, just as you expect to make gains. So being able to net off profits and losses can make a big difference. One drawback with spread-betting, CFDs and futures is that if your pessimism proves unfounded, and the stock, index or commodity roars ahead, you can soon be deeply in the red.

Stop-losses can help, but they are not guaranteed. Some providers offer guaranteed stop-losses, but they can be expensive and you may not be able to put the stop loss closer than 5 or 10 per cent away. That sort of distance is fine when you own the underlying stock, but, when you trade with financial leverage of 5 or 10 times, a 10 per cent move in the underlying can wipe you out.

Covered warrants offer a less stressful way to short the market. You can never lose more than your initial stake, and yet financial gearing and potential upside are comparable with spread-betting. Here's how a typical covered warrant trade might work.

In order to short, you need to buy a put warrant. For example, say you want to go short of BHP Billiton. SG has a put warrant - ticker SF21 - with a strike price of p, expiring in March When you buy this warrant, you buy the right, but not the obligation, to sell Billiton shares for p come 16 March next year.

Ideally for you, between now and then, Billiton's shares will plunge from their current levels of p. Should Billiton fall to p by then, you would be p in the money. Your warrant would be worth p because you have an enforceable contract to sell Billiton at p a share a contract that you can fulfil by buying shares at the market price and pocketing the difference. In effect, though, warrants are cash-settled, meaning that your warrants broker would automatically credit your account with the difference.

If Billiton remains strong - above the strike price of p by expiry - then your put warrant will expire worthless. So how do you value such an option? For a start, you don't. The warrant issuers set the prices using a complex financial model. They decide what sort of volatility to expect from the stock and the overall market, which they input into their models, adding in the time to expiry, the difference between the strike price and the current price, any dividends and prevailing interest rates.

The model then spits out a number that you can either accept or reject. The SF21 Billiton put warrant, for example, is priced at 3. To work out how much Billiton has to fall to make you money at expiry, take the warrant's asking price and multiply it by the warrants parity - in this case it is 10, making Then subtract that number from the strike price of p, giving you But if you think that the mining sector is about to hit a rocky patch, then even if you don't think it will fall that far, you might want to buy the put warrants.

It doesn't matter that Billiton's current share price of p is still a long way from the strike price or the break-even price at expiry. The point is that any sharp drop now improves the prospects of the warrant finishing in the money, and that would be reflected in an immediate rise in the value of the put warrant.

A currency devised to partially substitute for your dollars and pounds. Unlike traditional currencies, instead of being controlled by any government, Bitcoin is expected to run on a peer-to-peer network and so in this way being completely decentralised.

The money supply is not managed by the FED or the ECB, but rather by its network of users who can create Bitcoins themselves, but always at a known and decreasing pace over the years until reaching an absolute maximum in Instead of having a central clearing house, Bitcoin distributes the ledger to its network of users who, using their computer power, are responsible for keeping their money safe, checking for double spending and maintaining a public register.

Transactions are free or incur very small costs. Certainly inspired by the great financial crisis of and with cost minimisation in mind in designing the system this way, Nakamoto avoids third-party involvement, preventing future exposure to the unsound decisions that led to the collapse of the financial system in the first place.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto then? The creator of the Bitcoin world has always been a mystery right from the very beginning. The whole project evolved from a paper that he wrote and published to a small network of programmers. He has also posted several times in online forums but when someone tries to obtain additional information about him, results are always frustrating. No one exists with the name Satoshi Nakamoto, at least no one who could be the Bitcoin creator, so it is almost certainly a pseudonym.

The name suggests a Japanese person, but as he writes in faultless English with a British slant, many believe he may come from the UK. At the same time, he uses an email coming from GMX, a German free provider. The plot thickens Since its creation in and right up until , Bitcoin was nothing more than a theoretical exercise, popular among computer geeks but with no actual exchange value.

In April the situation changed forever as the Bitcoin actually started trading in an exchange market. At first it was valued at 10 cents and stayed near that value until October of that year. Then, as the project became more widely known, Bitcoin gained some traction and its value against the dollar rose to 30 cents by the end of With more and more people willing to take a share of a rising market, demand grew while the Bitcoin supply, exactly as per its model that it was set up to do, experienced a limited rise.

With the FED expanding its money supply as never before, the value of a Bitcoin rose substantially, achieving parity against the dollar in February Given that the design of the Bitcoin system as depicted in his paper is very refined and quite complex, many believe that Sakamoto may in fact be a group of people instead of a single person. To add to the intrigue, near the end of , Nakamoto stopped contributing to forums and then completely vanished without trail.

Of course this also attracted the attention of speculators looking for new opportunities; thieves, trying to hack digital wallets; and the Feds, looking for ways to dismantle the business as they saw it as a potential threat. On the reverse side of the Bitcoin phenomena is volatility.

It has also been picking up exponentially, making its price unstable and, ironically, distorting the main function imparted upon it by its creator — a stable means of payment. This volatility seems to be mostly related to the elevated number of scandals surrounding it and that have been occurring with increasing frequency with many Bitcoin exchanges being run from unknown or obscure places, and in certain instances being part of criminal rings with the sole purpose being to steal real money from people.

A Rising Crackdown on Bitcoin As the Bitcoin became more valuable a crackdown began by the authorities. A week later Mt. The Poland-based Bitomat, the third-largest exchange at that time, reported it had accidentally overwritten its entire wallet meaning it could no longer identify the Bitcoin owners!

These episodes have stressed the necessity of creating rules to regulate the trading of Bitcoins and to allow only for this trading on organised exchanges. Gox, the largest Bitcoin exchange, has been under heavy government scrutiny and the U. Department of Homeland Security seized a processing account belonging to the company. The Department has been claiming that these service operations lack authorisation to process money exchanges involving the US dollar which, in statute, require an authorisation given by the Treasury Department and tight rules applied with regards to money laundering matters.

It has also been speculated in the press that the Commodity and Futures Trading Commission CFTC is willing to get involved in the Bitcoin world by regulating derivatives that are currently traded on the digital currency. This route may open the gate for a serious organised market in which traders could trade without fear, but is likely to take some time before it is implemented. Trading Bitcoin So how do you actually trade Bitcoins?

To manage your Bitcoins you need to download wallet software which you can find at the official Bitcoin website. To actually trade the Bitcoin value you have at least two main options: using exchanges or through spread betting. In our view, you should avoid exchanges at all costs. Most of them disappear from night to day and even the largest like Mt. Gox are at odds with the Feds and may see their assets seized at any time.

In terms of spread betting, the story is somewhat different as you are betting on the Bitcoin price and not exactly holding the asset. Spreadex offers a market allowing you rolling daily bets while IG just offers binaries on the Bitcoin price. Spreadex allows you to go either long or short, for a minimum stake of 50p, a spread of 2. At this point, any trading conducted in the instrument is, to us, more gambling than investment and for such a purpose you may be better off simply going into a casino.

The dot-com bubble of the early s was the early forerunner, albeit of completely manic proportions, to what we are now witnessing in the s. Many commentators think that investors collectively are jumping the gun once more in terms of what the various technologies are likely to achieve. It would appear however, certainly to me, just over a decade after the bubble burst, that things are finally starting to take shape in a revolutionary way.

One of the best examples in terms of AIM companies around at the moment to take advantage of many aspects of the online boom is Blinkx. Soaring profits in the wake of the Olympics and the US presidential election last year not only boosted the shares, but also highlighted what the potential for this company will be over the medium-term. February 11th - Blinkx said trading during the third quarter continued to be strong, boosted by recent acquisitions and the effects of the US elections and London Olympics.

Blinkx said that recent acquisitions have significantly expanded the scale and scope of the Blinkx engine and the integrations are being implemented extremely effectively. Fundamental Argument Of all the AIM stocks in my new 2H book, and that includes even the giants such as Xcite Energy and Gulf Keystone, it has to be said that it is difficult not to have Blinkx as a personal favourite.

It is also a little ironic that the only blip in the recent past has been the association with former star tech company Autonomy from which it was spun out of, coming on the heels of Hewlett-Packard crying foul over its purchase of the UK knowledge management software giant. That was, in hindsight of course, the dip to buy into around the 60p zone in the autumn and the shares have more than doubled since.

As the company itself has been able to boast, preview advertising is the fastest-growing of all the subsectors of online advertising and therefore you would expect a company at the heart of this to have soaring earnings. Perhaps a more serious concern was that there was a chance, at least in the near-term, that the boost in advertising associated with both the Olympics and the US presidential election would be only a short term boost to profits.

In addition, there is also the impact of recent acquisitions to take up the slack of any post hangover. This should be enough to ensure that the fundamental momentum here at Blinkx remains in place, as well as the perhaps distant possibility that at some point soon its attractions will prove too tempting to larger rivals such as Yahoo and Google where, even after the substantial recent gains in the share price, the stock still trades at a lower price to revenues ratio than its peers, something that broker Canaccord has been keen to point out.

However, the bulls have been treated to a U-shaped reversal centred around the early summer of A characteristic of this rebound is that it has been as violent on the way up, in terms of the ragged progress we have seen, as it was on the way down.

But, before the vertical spike seen in the spring of this year, there was something of a journey in the sense that the shares were determined to flush out the bulls below the day moving average —then around the 55p level during both October and November I am happy to say that I spotted this as a buy signal, even though, as is often the case, the bulletin boards were not on side with this, at the time, seemingly crackpot idea.

Admittedly, this was in the aftermath of a bull trap through 80p, but such signals above the day line are very often powerful ones. However, arguably one of the strongest signals in the book came after the unfilled gap to the upside in February as it was only partially closed in June and April. Such gap fill failures can lead to spectacular rallies in stocks and markets and this was certainly the case with Blinkx.

We get asked regularly here at SBM if there is any trading system that is really worth the money. Having traded personally in the markets now for nearly 20 years, what I can say is that I have not come across one single, solitary paid-for system that consistently generates profits. Sure, a particular system may do well at a certain point in the cycle, but the market evolves.

Take a glance at the share price of Man Group below. Not pretty reading. The reason for this fall? No prizes for guessing that for the last 3 years they have not been able to. Think about that for a moment — prize winning PHDs with all the computing capability in the world at their finger tips have not been able to find a consistent holy grail to generate consistent returns.

It is extremely simple — if you can make money trading the markets, you trade them. You accept that there will be drawdowns, that some trades will go right and some will go wrong. But over the long haul you trade and you profit. When a stock, index or currency changes they generally do so violently, and quickly, and so the trend following system will, inevitably, get you in at a point where a retracement is due. How many trend following systems would have remained in there with such a volatile move?

If you see such a disclaimer then double delete the email! With a good charting package you can likely generate your own trading signals algorithm, and when you back test it I dare say that it would be profitable on paper. Hey, you could even go out and then look to charge people for this! The answer is simple — there is no guarantee with any fund manager, or indeed if you stick to your own strategy, and at certain points in the market cycle you will underperform.

The other alternate of course is to find a good fund manager and accept that there will be periods of underperformance. I have found over the years that asset allocating into undervalued areas AND, in the case of stocks, choosing the best companies in that area and holding through the cycle, is the only way that gives you the best odds of not only outperforming but generating a positive return over the medium term.

If you think about it, and in looking at the market cycle below which is based on how human nature works, this should actually work as you buy assets at a low point and look to sell at a high or higher point. The only advisory broker to relate our fees to your profits. Find out more about our Profit Related Charge. Making money in markets should be one of the easiest paths to riches around. Buy in bull markets, sell in bear markets and retire early to your own private island.

Even identifying the market you should be in can be fraught with difficulty. For many investors in silver this lesson is likely to have been extremely painful in the last two years. To many, the bull market in precious metals, which started in November , should not have broken as it has in recent months. What were quite well grounded bullish expectations have been completely confounded, with many likely nursing sizeable losses. There is still a lot of confusion as to why this has all happened.

However, as I will explain below, I think the precious metal is on the cusp of a new leg up. This is immediately is more useful as higher volume months stand out from lower volume months, giving an impression of the strength of the trend. Within the charts, Paul Levine developed an algorithm to calculate support and resistance lines to help traders and investors determine relatively low risk entry points based on the prevailing direction of the market.

Above all, MIDAS users seek charts with strong historical conformance, and silver has been a particularly good example of this. The interaction of the price of silver with these two support levels over the last five years helps explain a great deal about the situation this market now finds itself in. Each of these proved to be excellent trading opportunities, the last one in particular. Thereafter the Nov support was tested twice more in December and between June and July and again these were superb entry points all trading points are circled in red.

More recently, in early April this year, the price of silver again stopped at NOV support. Once a support line becomes invalid, then this is the signal that the market trend it has been supporting is over. The price of silver fell almost exactly back to the JUN support and has since held this level circled in red below. Perhaps, but there are plenty of people out there who want to believe in the random walk.

This is fine if it works for them, but the evidence that price movements conform to historical patterns is surely overwhelming. One of the fascinating aspects of the MIDAS Method is how prices can behave at long-term, critical levels of support and resistance.

Silver provides a perfect case in point at the moment. The chart below is a six month, daily standard chart of silver. Since April 26th silver has made a series of lower highs and higher lows. This symmetrical triangle pattern drawn on the chart is a widely recognised indicator for a directionless market. It is easy to spot and strongly suggests that neither the bulls nor bears are winning the tussle for dominance. On its own, a symmetrical triangle is usually not a good indicator for buying or selling.

That said, if you have a particular view that a tide is about to turn, then a symmetrical triangle can be one key indicator to watch out for. However, if silver is consolidating and is about to start a new upwards trajectory, this could be an ideal entry point to take on a leveraged, tightly managed long position. Symmetrical triangles cannot last forever.

Unsurprisingly, symmetrical triangles can often occur at potential market tops and market bottoms. The solution: give up trying to outsmart the market, buy a low-cost tracker fund and sit on it. As a spread bettor, you believe you can do better than the average, and are willing to put your hard earned money where your mouth is. So, how does it work?

The idea is simple: catch as much of bull markets as possible and dodge the worst of big bear markets. Most people rely on a combination of fundamental valuation and gut-feeling to determine the outlook. My alternative is to follow the trend, buying when the market first makes an end-of-month close above its month exponential moving average, and selling when it does the opposite.

Tactically switching in and out of stocks and risk-free Treasury Bills would have earned 7. That single percentage point may not sound like much, but it makes an enormous difference to a portfolio over time. Not only has this approach earned a higher return, but it has done so by taking less risk. The volatility of the tactical switching strategy was only This goes against everything the textbooks tell us about earning higher returns. In order to get more bang for your buck, the academics say you have to take on more risks, not fewer.

It requires patience and discipline. Just over half of all its trades over time have lost money. Occasionally, there have been as many as five losers on the trot. In terms of annual performance, the strategy has only outperformed buy-and-hold in around one-third of all years. All these things can make it quite psychologically difficult to stick to this approach.

How best to put a tactical switching strategy such as this into practice? Given that the average trade lasts ten months, and that reinvested dividends are an important part of the strategy, the most obvious way would be to buy an exchange-traded fund or other tracking product. And, although it produced only 35 winning trades versus 51 losers, the reward-to-risk ratio was 4. Those of a trading mindset could therefore use the tactical switching strategy as an alternative to buy-and-hold for their longer-term investment account, while also doing the daily version in their spread betting account.

Simon Carter investigates how the sleeping tech giants of yesteryear can reawaken their fortunes and why Yahoo might be an unlikely source of inspiration. We never had this problem twenty years ago, the question of whether it was right to feel nostalgic for big old tech companies. Back then, there were no big old tech companies, there were just shiny new ones, changing our lives with fancy gadgets, eventually convincing us to throw away our Filofaxes and trust our lives to microchips.

Or the moment you first flicked open your Motorola V3 to the envy of all around. It was like magic. It was all magic. But magic fades. Three former market leaders: AOL, Motorola and Nintendo and make no mistake about it, they were giants are on the verge of falling off the mountain their success built and into a pit of obscurity, and many within the industry say the time is now for these companies to decide whether they want to be another Sega, or whether they want to be another Apple.

Or even another Yahoo. Whilst the riches to rags story of the Sega Corporation and the rags to riches to rags back to riches story of Apple are both well documented, the current mini renaissance that is happening at Yahoo, under the sometimes controversial but possibly visionary hand of Marissa Mayer, could be the guiding light that our three not so wise friends are looking for.

Respectively, the companies listed above were: an iOS photo app, a conference calling provider, an app for finding recommended social activities and a service to find and recommend places to eat. This is clever shopping from Yahoo. Part of the reason for picking up so many companies so quickly is to capture the creative and technical skills behind them.

The idea was initially ridiculed and derided as a policy from a bygone age, but who can fail to be excited by the culture dish of talent being created at Yahoo HQ? Just how can they fight against the dying of the light? So, Yahoo are thinking about what users want from the web, and are doing everything they can to provide that experience. This is where AOL can learn. Despite rebranding itself recently as an online video advertising provider, and enjoying its first quarterly growth in eight years, AOL are still struggling not to fade away in the world of web.

Acquisitions have not gone well for AOL in the past, think the Bebo disaster, so they should concentrate on what they are good at. If AOL were to create a similar offering in broadband, then they would have millions of potential customers to aid in the switch from dial-up to broadband as well as tempting back some of the 25 million subscribers who have deserted them over the years.

Think this is a backward move? Consider that the revenue AOL receive from internet still dwarfs the revenue they receive from all other services combined. So how about Motorola? Throughout the s and the middle part of the last decade, the Illinois based company were never out of the top three selling mobile phones.

They are all hugely popular mobile games based on a very simple idea. Following the Yahoo model of acquisition is impossible even Apple buy hardware from Samsung so if Motorola want to be big in mobile again they need to focus on what they were always good at: design. And what of Nintendo, the legendary gaming giant who are withering under attack from Microsoft and Sony in the console wars and the huge threat of mobile gaming?

Always the kings of innovation, the Japanese company rocked the world in when they launched the Wii. Millions were sold, it seemed that every home had one, and then it stopped. The Wii U, launched last year, has certainly not caught fire, and with profits on the slide or gone completely , times are tough in Tokyo.

Do Nintendo once again have the next big thing up their sleeve? So, what to do? In a market where a tiny start up or sometimes, just one person can become huge with one light bulb moment, Nintendo could do worse than put significant efforts and resources into the smartphone gaming market. Forget consoles, Nintendo. Let others build the devices, you make the games. Spread betting carries a high level of risk to your capital and can result in losses that exceed your initial deposit.

This advert should not be construed as investment advice. Gold looks like it may be on the slide, do you: a Run to the pawn shop whilst that wedding ring still has some value b Agree the gold boom is over and sell gold. Can you profit from your predictions? Apply today at CapitalSpreads.

He reckons that AIM listed online dating agency Cupid is a buy and is heading for 94p. I reckon that it is largely worthless and is heading to c10p a share or less. I suppose that it all depends on timescale. As Keynes noted, in the long run we are all dead. With Cupid it is just a matter of how long the long run is. The shares have certainly sprinted ahead in recent weeks which is odd as Cupid ended May with a pretty dramatic profits warning.

The reason for the re-rating could be that folks are terrified of betting against Zak. Toscafund specialises in buying large stakes in stocks that have tanked as recovery plays. And it is an activist investor. But it is not infallible. I note, for instance, that it bought out Healthcare Locums at just 0. That may or may not turn out to be a bargain. But Toscafund had, less than 12 months beforehand, essentially underwritten a large rescue funding at 10p a share.

You see we all get it wrong now and again and I think that on Cupid, Tosca it has got it badly wrong. The fundamental flaw with Cupid is, I believe, that its business model does not work. It runs a variety of websites which are largely not for those seeking romance, love, stable long term relationships and a wife to berate you, but for those seeking a no-strings bunk up — casual sex.

Oddly enough most of its customers are men. Women are sluts. If you are a good-looking woman seeking random no strings encounters you could either pop along and see me at my restaurant or, if I am busy, there are numerous bars where your needs can be sated. If you are determined to stick your photo on the internet, use a free site an advertising driven model where there is a critical mass of punters wanting the same thing.

So why the heck sign up with Cupid? And hence that means that most Cupid customers are men. And it seems that most are very disappointed by what they get for their cash. The average Cupid customer lasts for less than 3.

But my money is on the renewal rate being de minimis. There have been allegations that Cupid has lured punters i. Cupid denies this and promises an independent review of the allegations by June 30th. Oddly enough, it appears that this review had not — as of a couple of weeks ago — involved speaking to the undercover reporter in the Ukraine who claimed to have been offered a job by Cupid pretending to be one such woman.

So while the review can hardly be viewed as credible, no doubt Cupid has nothing to hide and has done nothing wrong But, ahem, research undertaken by an associate made it clear that while he was pondering taking up a Cupid membership he did not , he was indeed swamped with birds who seemed to want to copulate with him. No doubt this is all a coincidence. But the point is that whatever the expectations of customers of Cupid, the dire renewal patterns indicate that those expectations are just not being met.

With no specific reference to Cupid at all, but in a general sense, if your customers think your service is crap, you have a fundamental problem. There are only two ways around this. Oddly enough Cupid spends a vast amount on marketing and has also used its once highly rated paper to make a number of acquisitions.

But in the end, the wheels will always come off a business that is not satisfying the needs of its customers. And that brings me to the most recent RNS statements. I refer to three. To June 4th first. I had run my proposed copy past Cupid and published. Cupid then responded with an RNS which said that my article was misleading blah, blah, blah, but demonstrated this by correcting things that I had not said at all.

That is not the action of a company that I would personally be backing. Clearly in Q2 sales growth from the acquisitions has slowed big time and from core businesses sales must be falling fast. Given my comments above about renewal rates and meat for the mincer that is not good at all. What kills businesses in the end is cash or lack of it.

Cupid is my conviction sell of the month at 75p. Paul Scott. He has been a professional small caps investor since Paul says: In , I gave up wage slavery for good, and concentrated my efforts full time on small caps investing. So, a lot of important lessons have been learned along the way, sometimes the hard way! He writes a weekday column on small caps at Stockopedia.

Why focus on small caps? Also there are a number of features of the small caps market which are inherently attractive to investors, such as: 1. Little to no analyst coverage, so bargains can remain undiscovered and unpublicised for a good while.

Most institutions cannot invest below a certain threshold, e. Small cap companies and their accounts are usually not overly complex and thus easy to understand. Illiquidity in the shares can lead to large and irrational price movements, which creates many good buying and selling opportunities. If you catch a good growth company early, the rewards can be spectacularly good. It is always vital to DYOR.

Over time you learn who the genuine people are, and who are not. My main methods of finding bargain shares are:. However, it goes something like this:. Getting up at 7 a. Mon-Fri and reading RNS statements — results and trading statements. For me, this rules out certain sectors such as the resources sector, aviation and financials banks, insurance cos, etc. Meeting management — again this involves time and effort, but greatly increases your understanding of a company.

I probably meet the management of companies per year, and the odd one will turn out to be a very successful investment. It also sometimes helps you avoid bad situations! Networking — sharing ideas with other investors can be valuable, interesting, and fun.

Bulletin boards, Twitter and face-to-face meetings with like-minded investors are great ways to swap your best share ideas. Bear in mind that everyone is talking their own book, and be sceptical! Stock screening — I use Stockopedia to filter the market for shares with attractive valuation metrics, such as a low PER, a good dividend yield and a sound balance sheet. This is a great way of producing a manageable shortlist of shares to research, and to find new opportunities.

If there is even a slim risk of a company going bust, I deploy my bargepole. This all takes time and hard work. Lots of share ideas are abandoned at some stage of the above process, but a few survive to a point where they stand out as being a bargain.

It will vary from one investor to another, but for me it is obvious when I find a bargain. It will look cheap based on even gloomy assessments of their future performance, and the upside will be thrown in for free. Every bull market produces a wave of traders who make good money by chasing up fashionable shares to increasingly irrationally exuberant levels.

Historic financial performance only tells half the picture. When we buy shares, we are effectively placing a bet on the company performing better than the market has factored into the current share price. Broker notes can help in this regard, but their forecasts are often wildly inaccurate because it is difficult to forecast profits given that profit is the sliver that is left after unknown sales, partially known gross margins and largely known costs are netted off.

Hence small variations in sales can trigger large variations in profit due to operational gearing. So one of the key things I look for is an up-to-date positive trading statement. It will sometimes take the market several days, or even weeks, to digest a trading statement and its impact on profitability.

You can get a real advantage as an investor by already understanding the company well and being able to quickly and accurately interpret their latest trading statement. I flagged up how cheap the shares were in my Stockopedia morning report on 16 April , when the shares were 37p. At the time Pilat held net cash of almost half its own market cap and had recently announced excellent annual results, and a strong outlook. Adjusted for net cash and amortisation, the earnings multiple was only around five or six.

It was, in my opinion, just the wrong price! Usually you have to be more patient though, as an irrationally low or high price can continue for long periods sometimes. However, for the patient investor, a fundamentally good company generating decent and sustainable cashflows and priced cheaply relative to the rest of the market should eventually re-rate upwards.

The big danger is when you become a believer in a hyped up share and refuse to sell once the bubble has burst. It has a product already in production, namely equipment which allows diesel-engined HGVs to run largely on natural gas. However, these will only ever be a small side line in my portfolio of good solid companies on a cheap multiple of future cashflows. Over-looked and unloved shares This is where the real bargains can be found, and it is my favourite hunting ground.

Value shares that everyone hates, and assumes are awful, can occasionally provide spectacularly good investments. However, they can also be dangerous value traps too — I was nearly caught on Game Group a while ago, but exited at a profit when it began to emerge that suppliers were stopping supplies — fatal for any business. My biggest winner last year was Trinity Mirror TNI , which I wrote about in detail on my blog when the shares had crashed to only 25p.

This put the company, amazingly, on a PER of just one! Yes, one! How could this be? It was partly because the company had considerable net debt, although I worked out that the net debt would be fully repaid from cashflows in about three years.

It was also because the market assumed newspapers would quickly die out, whereas in reality Trinity Mirror is still producing a remarkably high operating profit margin, and is matching falling sales with reducing costs. Finally, their pension deficit, whilst large, was fully covered by freehold property.

So arguably the two simply net off. The shares are now more than four times the price than when I wrote about them this time last year. I sold too early, but more than doubled my money on them and so I was happy. Again, it all boiled down to a lot of hard work researching the numbers in great depth, going to the AGM and, above all, being prepared to take a contrarian stance on a share which it seemed everyone deemed to be a catastrophe.

In fact, it was an outstanding bargain at 25p, as I discovered and publicised at the time. However, shares which I believe to be under-valued and unloved include:. I hope the above gives you a flavour for my stock-picking approach. I was recently asked by Titan Investment Partners if I would like to help them set up a small caps fund using an innovative spread betting wrapper.

Norcros NXR at Pension deficit seems under control and does not worry me unduly. I met management recently and am highly impressed with their experience and strategy. Clean Air Power CAP at 8p — as mentioned above, this is a speculative pick, but everyone likes a little bit of fun in their portfolio alongside the more sensible stuff! So please, as always, do your own research and take professional advice where appropriate. I will give more details of the Fund next month and shortly our inaugural first month performance figures!

Investing and trading can be risky enough without having to worry if your money is safe. Trade Assured from Central Markets. The cover is subject to terms and conditions which are contained within CML general business terms which can be found at www. EC3N 2LU. Big Call Last night I gave in to peer pressure and reluctantly plumped my posterior down into a comfortable sofa for a couple of hours of easy viewing of a Hollywood blockbuster which was interrupted every 15 minutes by five minutes of adverts.

How annoying! I find it a waste of time, but every now and then I can digest a good movie. One advert however kept coming up. A company called confused. I would subscribe! I am — as the advert states — confused. And yet, day after day I am supposedly surrounded by experts. Hell, I am supposed to be an expert myself! I subscribe to expert newsletters, but it seems they are confused too. Elliott Wave analysts proclaiming bull markets and bear markets in the same instrument — how is that even possible?

My training says that I should trade what I see. So what do I see? Well, I see a bull market in equities. I think the Dow Jones is going to hit within the next four months. The problem with that little neat forecast is that it only takes one Fed chairman to utter something about QE3, QE4EVA or whatever QE they are now on, and my forecast goes out of the window The chart however suggests otherwise.

Perhaps Syria, Iran, Russia? I am currently building a short position here and I intend to add to my shorts every couple of hundred points that it moves in my favour. This way I ensure I only add to a winning position as opposed to losing ones that many rookie traders do.

Remember, I zone out the fundamentals and trade purely what I see You have a nation of retirees who are getting nothing for their savings. We are in a world where money managers are forced to search for yields and this explains rising equity prices. However, I detect signs of the market beginning to overwhelm the QE buying with yields the world over rising quite sharply in recent months.

This is a big trend to watch. The big unknown is interest rates. The central banks can set short term interest rates, but the market can price long term yields themselves, or they could until QE starting meddling with things. Bottom line is that the politicians hold the fate of many markets in their hands.

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While such wild market swings in a hubbub and stock long-term investors, for those with basis it is the perfect climate for engaging in some potentially financial spread betting training day cast spread betting. Want to bet on the. Say, you have a hunch do all this and much, bets you can lose more. Confessions of a Virgin Spread. PARAGRAPHW ith the stock markets have made life difficult for prices yo-yoing on a daily a shorter term perspective the high volatility of recent months has created ample chances for. Well, we have a lot of free material in here to exploit. Where there is volatility in. Spread Betting is becoming increasingly the markets, there are opportunities. Not sure about the Nasdaq. Spread betting allows you to appreciate that when trading spread the verge of collapse than your initial margin deposit.

I'm not a leading world expert on the financial markets (but then again who is these Sure, spread betting attracts day traders, but why should they have all the fun? In these In it I use the analogy of mountain climbing to try to cast light on the route to come along to one of my training sessions or online demos. Support. Oct 30, — If i'm to continue spread betting when my savings run out full time, what would my employment status New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast I know this is not completely related to personal financing. I have no family here who can look after them during the day and I can't imagine we'd be able to  Best country for Daytrader in Europe?: EuropeFIRE - Reddit. Read 7 Charting Tools for Spread Betting by Malcolm Pryor with a free trial. 'The Financial Spread Betting Handbook' and 'Winning Spread Betting Strategies', and runs training seminars on spread betting (details at So the day trader can use the basic principles on, say, a 10 minute chart.