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Richardson boyd and bettinger photography

Sketch by Jeff Prechtel of Frederick Sheetz, gunsmith, n. John C. Contains various photographs of Dr. Norman with friends, family, and of his medical practice. Donor: Family of Dr. Prints and slides of architect John C. Norman, Ruth S. Norman, and Dr. Norman, Jr. Copy negatives of basketball team and Coach Leonard Valentine Class A champs; runner up basketball team; football championship team; , Donor: Nancy M. Nicklas Location: Ph Collection: Dinger family. Frank W. Touma Location: Ph Collection: Postcards.

Donor: George R. Donor: Richard A. Slides, color of snake handling, ca. Color prints of various events, late s, William Miles Tiernan, Wheeling, some by Kossuth, ca. Hawes Drug Store, Tintype of Mrs. Haney Smith Napier, Wayne County, ca. Color of Capitol, aerial of Charleston, s. Color folder of Charleston scenes, ca. Pickens and Addison 2 engine, Shay , June. William and Ruth H.

Panoramics, Morgantown by A. Color of post offices around state, ca. Color of University of Charleston Clay Tower building, ca. Donor: Jane E. Yeager Location: Ph Collection: Postcards. Color of The Greenbrier, ca. Watson, Donor: Shirley J. Nelson Location: Ph Collection: Panoramics. Copley, Lewis Co. Bankhead, copies, ca. Coal tipples, cars, one by S. McCoy, Wheeling, n. Donor: W. Carl Collection. Elk Horn Coal, ca. Prints and a few negatives of political figures and news stories, ca.

Harrison County, undated.. Negatives of Wayne County family, n. Tintypes, prints and school class photos for Charmco Elementary and Barboursville Elementary, ca. Slides of various scenes, 26, slides and prints and negatives. Donor: Thomas C. Hone Location: Ph Collection: Album. Carte de visite of first adjutant general of West Virginia, Donor: Sharon M. Color of unveiling of portrait, Panoramic postcard folder published by Otto Schenk, ca.

Foulke, ca Johnson, s. Donor: B. Postcards of various scenes including several state parks, southern West Virginia; photo postcards of Coleman family members, most unidentified, ca. Albans, ca. Marshall University, Old Main, n. Sketch and information on Norman S. Fitzhugh, Charleston native, business owner and accountant, drawn by Jack Moran, n. Tintype of Roane Co. Color prints of emblem, members and patterns removed from literary mss, ca.

Digital scans of slides taken by Leonard Rowley, July. Color print of proposed master plan, ca. Copy negative of Civil War veteran, Donor: Charles F. Taylor Location: Ph Collection: Etchings. Greenbrier Resort, ca.

Greenbrier Resort, The Greenbrier springhouse, ca. The Greenbrier, ca. Color prints of Marshall University vs. Florida International, Dec. Copy negatives of Holt and Dew families, Lewis County scenes, ca. Donor: John M. Views of state parks and forests, wildlife, flora, miscellaneous scenes, ss.

Artwork and negatives for various parks, ca. WV House of Delegates chamber, ca. Philippi Covered Bridge, ca. Capitol, n. Booklet of plans and photos of activities building, late s. Color photos of flooding and aftermath, May Aerial views, March Butler and pilot David Corben, ca. Copy prints of Pleasant J. Miller, Co. B, 3rd Cavalry, ca.

Donor: Delores M. Construction of Greenbrier County school, late s. Donor: William R. Hudnall Location: Ph Collection: Baseball. Team photo color of West Virginia Power, Winners on capitol steps, group includes Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Color view from air, n. Copy prints of paintings, ca. Dingess Location: Ph Collection: Wheeling. Donor: Harry W. Gee, Jr. Location: Ph Collection: Ferry. Donor: D. Photos, n. Copy print of students at Greenbrier County school, Color photos of Bradshaw memorial, ca.

Copy print of workers at Charleston plant, ca. Slides and contact prints no negatives of gubernatorial candidate and family, Color photos and CD of photos of Gunnery Sgt. Christopher L. Donor: David D. Color prints of reenactment taken by Frank Jordan, July. Underwood portrait unveiled at capitol, August Color copy prints of various family members, Unbound set of prints, Color print of dedication ceremony, June Photos of various communities and businesses by Haines Photo Company, ca.

Photos and CDs of digital images, Slides of historic West Virginia prints, n. Copy negatives of annual show of Capitol press corps, ca. Wheeling delegation to Y. Anna Jarvis birthplace, smallest church and smallest post office at Silver Lake, ca. US Navy War photographs, ca. Color scan of Cecil C. Monroe, Donor: Nancy V. Waggoner Location: Ph Collection: Slides. It's West Virginia by Dr. Pritchard, Color negatives, ca. Color prints of fiddler and other musicians, ss. Copy prints, Donor: James R.

Copy negatives, Copy negatives of telephone system, ca. Copy negatives of James Samuel Northwest, Mannington flood, n. Copy negative of William H. Pickett, n. Copy negatives of Kanawha Valley area, ca. Donor: John F. Bowyer Location: Ph Collection: Estep family. Donor: Gregory R. Digital scans of color slides of rally at capitol, April Copy negatives of Weston family, ca.

Color views, n. Historic Wheeling scene, s. Doddridge County courthouse, ca. Battleground about ten miles from Dunlevie-Winterburn, Civil War, ca. Owen Jr. Donor: L. Owen Moore, Jr. Negatives and slides of railroad scenes, equipment, ca.

Donor: Estate of John J. Young, Jr. Donor: James Lee Wood, Jr. Location: Ph Collection: Golden Horseshoe. Color prints of Golden Horseshoe activities, Copy print of daguerreotype of resort, ca. Robert E. Stevenson Location: Ph Collection: Band. Donor: John B. May Day crowning of queen Beth George, May Bailey, Aaron H. Lambert, Harvey Bailey, George W.

Sadler and Joseph C. Lambert, ca. Donor: Robert D. WV Covered Bridges slide show and script, ca. Blue Creek Oil Field tank fire, n. Prints and negatives of Mount de Chantal graduate, legislator and Reagan state campaign manager in and , Donor: Gregory J. Herndon Location: Ph Collection: Charleston. Donor: David J. Savage Location: Ph Collection: Postcard. Donor: Alhambra Historical Society, Inc. Copy negatives of Alice Moore and family, board, Donor: David R. Photos of first African-American female professor at Concord, Bluefield and family, n.

Copy prints of Charleston-area scenes by W. Bollinger, ss. Copy prints from collection of negatives taken by William E. Carpenter, s Negatives of Widen area, including strike, s. Buffalo Creek disaster and recovery, Donor: Edward B. Airplane view of Wheeling, Wheeling showing Bridgeport and island, Biggs Armory, Huntington; Greetings from Barboursville; ca. Steel bridge, Wheeling; rhododendron; Greenbrier casino walk; s. Various West Virginia scenes, n. Copy negatives of coal photos, Digital scans of Ruby Bradley, Donor: Patsy E.

Digital scans of Ruby Bradley with cousin Ivan Bradley, s Digital scans of Katie Cox and Ruby Bradley, Digital scan of Thomas Bradley and family Ruby's uncle , s. Prints of Beury and Nichol family members, n. Postcards, Marshall vs. Documentation of Taylor County cabinet maker's work, n. Bernidean Collection. Donor: Virginia S. Toney Location: Ph Collection: Forts. Harrison family members, Squire store, McDowell County, ca. Copy print of Lincoln School, Hinton; 97th birthday of Mrs.

Eva O. Peters; ca. Nathan B. Carte de visite, ca. Copy print of Gertz with Indian motorcycle, Color prints of watercolors of various buildings by Charles L. King, ca. Donor: Charles L. King Location: Ph Collection: Schools. II Collection. Aerial view of Kanawha River and Charleston, Donor: John R.

Sleboda Location: Ph Collection: Postcard. Hotel Central, Central City Huntington , ca. National Christian Temperance Union Pledge, s. Donor: Thomas S. Pring Location: Ph Collection: Postcards. Belle Meade Coal Mining crew copy print , View of early plant at Belle copy print , n. Donor: Marcia P. Postcards of various West Virginia scenes, n. Donor: Nancy K. Prints and negatives of second term as governor, Reunion photos for Class of at 50th and 55th reunions, , Various West Virginia scenes, Division of Highways roads and bridges, ss.

Linsley School, Wheeling, Wheeling, ca. Unidentified town, n. Donor: Andy R. Rogers Location: Ph Collection: Postcard. Raymond City Electric Power House, n. New River and Feran Spring Falls, n. Digital prints of McGee in and ; postcards of Clarksburg and Parkersburg; Donor: Edward M.

Johnson's family, ca, Copy negatives, most in Putnam County area, n. Copy negatives and photocopies of musicians who performed on northern and north-central West Virginia radio stations, ss. Donor: Norman D. McClellan; Donor: Charles R. Red Ribble, ca. Donor: Clarence E. Snodgrass, Douglas L. Snodgrass and Alonzo H. Strand Theater, Moundsville, n. Spates Collection. Photographs, s. Geologic scenes and other views of state, s. Connard Hartley. Color and sepia copy print, , Color prints and digital images of reburial of Union private Roland Gilliepie, Co.

Prints, unidentified photo album. Photos, Negatives, many 11x14, of mostly senior high school composite groups, Donor: Hulett C. Schools, Charleston scenes, ss. Smith, Jr. Donor: Myron J. Donor: Robert E. Photos of burial sites - albums arranged geographically, box of brevet generals roughly alphabetical, n.

Ribble, Rufus Red, ca. Donor: E. Digital reprints, Donor: Pamela R. Westfall Location: Ph Collection: Postcard. Covered bridge over Cheat River at U. Digital copy prints of Holley Hundley and family, ca. Copy print of tipple and hollow, ca. Donor: Rev. Calvin T. Martin Location: Ph Collection: Slides. Large group, possibly outside courthouse in Wood County vicinity, n. Aerial of campus during flood looking east, January Various subjects, most from Harpers and Leslies, Naaman Jackson and Logan materials, ca.

Donor: Michael W. Frankenberger, Frederika colorized print by J. Leonard Gates, ca. Donor: A. Panoramic of WV State Guard, black recruits ca. Norton Location: Ph Collection: Portrait. Ryan, Edward Winston, Methodist minister and member of constitutional convention, ca. Charleston scenes, ca. Summersville Lake, s. Wellsburg and Parkersburg, ca. Lithograph showing train emerging from tunnel by E. Sachse and Company, ca, Negatives of inmates, ca. Slides, a few negatives and prints, s Albums, prints, postcards of families, n.

Donor: Harry B. Suttle Location: Ph Collection: Coal, gas company. Copy negative of coal ferry on Kanawha River, ca. Donor: John Rennolds, Jr. Prints and postcards, n. Copy negatives, n. Copy negatives, ca. Copy negatives, s. Copy negatives of St. James Catholic Church, McMechen, Copy negatives of Lockwood family, n. Copy negatives of Davis family, n. Donor: Dolores J. Copy negatives of Dalzell family, n.

Copy negatives including Lindbergh's visit, Copy negatives including fires, floods, s. Copy negative, n. Copy negative of Smelter, n. Copy negative of Simpson Methodist Church, ca. Copy negative of football team, ca. Copy negatives of Simpson United Methodist church, ca. Copy negatives of Shook, Scherwinski families, s. Copy negatives of schools, prison, Civil War reunions, ca. Copy negatives of McMechen, other Marshall county views, ca.

Copy negatives of Marshall county views, ca. Durig Location: Phacc Collection: Moundsville. Copy negatives of Marshall and Ohio County scenes, n. Copy negatives of Knoxville, n. Copy negatives of Kittle family, wedding, Copy negatives of Glen Easton, railroads, Copy negatives of Fostoria Glass, floods, ca. Copy negatives of Cameron, other scenes, Copy negative, ca.

Donor: Ann V. Lewis Location: Phacc Collection: Moundsville. Copy negative, Copy negative of Terrill family, ca. Copy negative of Noller house, n. Copy negative of McNinch Hardware, n. Copy negative of house moving, ss. Copy negative of Benwood roundhouse and locomotive, ca. Copy negatives of Wellsburg Christian Church, ca. Copy negatives, late s Copy negatives, including Pastime Club, Donor: Mavis M.

Roush Location: Phacc Collection: Follansbee. Copy negatives, ss. Copy negatives of Sunday school classes at Church of Christ, Williams family, ca. Copy negatives of site and demolition of Mutt's Bar, Copy negatives of schools, Copy negatives of road construction, streetcar and rail lines, Copy negatives of flood, August. Copy negatives of First Church of Christ, n. Copy negatives including mill, Foreman's Club, flood, ca.

Copy negative of mill, Oct. Schwertfeger Location: Ph Collection: Follansbee. Copy negative of aerial of mill, Feb. Donor: James F. Portraits, possibly Greer or Robinson family members, many by Wheeling area photographers, ca. Color photo of SSBN sub surfacing, n. Donor: Mary M. Jenkins Location: Ph Collection: Postcards. West Virginia Wesleyan, Greenbrier, Cacapon, s Prints and negatives of Trent family, state school superintendent , Capitol in winter, Babcock Mill in fall by Brenda Thomas, George D.

Mozart Park Streetcar, Virgil L. Moore, conductor, ca. Smith Bridge at Chester with streetcar and horse-drawn carriage, ca. Front or north entrance of The Greenbrier, s. Elks Drum Corps, ca. Color slides and a few transparencies of various West Virginia scenes, ca. Copy negatives of Barbour County families, ca.

Donor: Beverly A. Donor: Gayle R. Color postcard and reference material on Glen Dale farm, Color photographs of ice jam on Little Kanawha, destruction, rebuilding and dedication of bridge over Little Kanawha at Elizabeth, Jessica Lynch homecoming, ca. Copy print of Colonel A. Martin and troops looking for campsite at Madison, September. Copy print from slide of Gary Restaurant, ca. Donor: Robert T.

Negatives taken for yearbook and newspaper by staff photographer Richard Fauss, White Sulphur Springs, Wheeling, s. Donor: Rear Admiral ret Peter K. Copy negative of carte de visite by E. Anthony, New York, ca. Digital scans of photos, n. Digital prints of local scenes, Gorby family, floods, s. Folder showing homes and advertising lots on Fort Hill, Charleston, ca.

Donor: Clay Hamilton, Jr. Location: Ph Collection: Scott family. Portrait of Mrs. Composite class of , Color print of 50th reunion Class of with some identified, Color prints of Class of 20 year reunion, July 3. Photocopies of member of 11th WV Inf, Co. I and later minister oversized , ca.

Gauley Bridge showing Route 60, ca. Donor: Beverly B. Copy print of member of 22nd VA Infantry, ca. Copy print of corporal in 13th WV Infantry, ca. Copy negatives from Coaldigger Yearbook of football assistant coach James Wilkerson, junior high football team, homecoming queen, Copy negatives of photos, mostly taken by Frank Wilkin for Charleston Gazette for political events, sporting events, other West Virginia scenes, ca.

Color autographed of instrument maker photographed by Kim Johnson, Copy negative of wedding portrait of Clara V. McConnell and Dana B. Burns, Wheeling, October Donor: Mary B. CD of artwork in cells, with inventory and notes, Donor: John W. Copy print and research information about Robert E. Lee's visit to the Old White, August.

Drawing commemorating placement of Wallace Estill Blockhouse highway marker on July 11, , Portrait of Henry Brannon, West Virginia circuit and supreme court justice; state supreme court composite of ; United States Supreme Court composite ca. Anderson Location: Ph Collection: Reynolds family. Copy negatives of panoramic of first motorcade on paved road between Parkersburg and Charleston, September Copy negatives of Solomon Minsker family, late s. Eugene Collection. Linn, Isabell Ann Henderson of Fairmont, quilter , ca.

Donor: Wayne L. Donor: William J. Prints and slides showing highway construction and events, s Color digital prints of Governor Bob Wise, January Copy prints from negatives of local television cameraman, ca. Unidentified man produced by Freter Brothers, Wheeling, n.

Foster Location: Ph Collection: Statue. Color snapshots of coal miner statue and memorial in McDowell County, Donor: Harold J. Steele Location: Ph Collection: Postcards. Copy prints of operations taken by HAER, n. Lewis including banquet and speech in Monongah; color of Arnold Miller being sworn in as president; ca. Copy print of Union troops by tent at Harpers Ferry, ca. Reprint by Library of Virginia of sketches, reprinted Scanned photographs of WOAY radio and television personality Shirley Love including wrestling show, dance show and station personnel, Arthur Collection.

Charleston, Huntington, Elkins, s. Donor: George I. Gird Location: Ph Collection: Superintendents of state parks. Color print of attendees at annual superintendents meeting, Pipestem Resort State Park, November Copy print at age 84, ca. Donor: Lynn H. Myers Location: Ph Collection: Cooper family. Donor: Lugh J. Lemley, Jr.

Donor: Connie A. Bowling Location: Ph Collection: Neff family. Copy negatives of various stores and tipples including White Oak Fuel towns, ca. Donor: Rebecca J. Copy negatives of groundbreaking and Dalton Building, n. Donor: Richard D. Ladd Location: Ph Collection: Koontz family. Copy negatives of Clendenin family and homes, ca. Alphonsus Church. Copy negatives of Kanawha County church and pew rental book, ca.

Copy negatives of dedication including architect Robert Martens and Oscar Nelson, Copy negatives of archeological ruins, ca. Hatfield, ca. Color print of Costa fiddling at Vandalia Gathering, May. Copy negative of view of Charleston's west side and Kanawha River, ca.

Copy print of tipple, ca. Copy negatives and prints, ca. Various southern West Virginia scenes and copy negatives of them, ca. Roosevelt, Jr. Kennedy, ca. Copy negatives of engines and logging operations taken by Robert D. Walker, Jr. Location: Ph Collection: Hinton family. Copy negatives of family members, n. Donor: Steve Trail for Mr. Grimmitt Location: Ph Collection: Mine explosion. Copy negatives of Katherine mine explosion debris, Lumberport, March Copy negatives of After the Battle Bloody Lane Antietam from sketch and painting by Captain James Hope; carte de visites of various Union soldiers and officers, , Jesse Bennett home.

Copy negatives of Huntington flood, weapons confiscated during strike, Mason County home of Dr. Bennett, Donor: Daniel E. Hall Location: Ph Collection: Stevenson family. Copy negatives of John D. Stevenson family of Parkersburg, ca. Copy negatives of Preston County families, n. Copy negatives of Frank Keeney and family, Copy negatives of panoramic postcards of Route 60 by Homer Wells, ca.

Donor: Harrison W. Copy negatives of railway construction, unidentified people associated with railway, ca. Copy negative of couple named Jenkins who lived near Frametown, n. Otis Collection. Donor: Estate of Dr. Tintype of Issie Clark Casteel, ca. Horn Location: Ph Collection: Capitol. Unidentified family members, n. Construction photographs of Buildings 5, 6, 7, Donor: ZMM, Inc. Arthur B. Koontz, who donated furniture to dining room of Governor's Mansion, s.

Postcards of Charleston amusement park which burned in , ca. Reproductions of Moundsville scenes, n. Copy print and negative of trial participants, Digital prints scanned from newspaper, Digital images of Ohio River houseboats belonging to George Donohue, ca. Copy negatives of panoramics of Nitro and explosives plant, ca.

Color print of aerial of Grant County fort remains, n. Negative of panoramic of Kanawha City plant, n. Copy print of Isaac W. Donor: Gary T. Nyers Location: Ph Collection: Panoramic. Alvis Walkathon, photo by Bollinger, Donor: Dale P.

Coach Troy Niedfeldt, Asst. Coach Brent Scheideman, Asst. Coach Denny Nelson, Asst. Coach Mike Lundeen. Skala, Eric Hancock. Not Pictured. Michael Olowo, Zachary Knutson. Not Pictured: Jaylin Mansaray. Row 2: Branden Kerns, Dominic Jackson. Row 3: Clayton Huber, Cole Bruley. Not Pictured: Sam Olson. State Tournament Archive - Football. Select Year. Section 5. Section 6. Section 7. Section 8. Section 1A Bracket. Section 2A Bracket.

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The indoor studio offers a multitude of options for traditional family portraits, unique images of children, and business headshots. Bettinger also offers the option of creating portraits at the location of your choice. Bettinger can meet you at your home, a public park, or any location that has special meaning to you. Second generation owner Daniel Bettinger has always loved photography. Raised in the business by his parents — Richard and Norma Bettinger — he was exposed to all facets of the business at an early age.

From souping prints in the black and white darkroom as a child to mastering traditional portrait lighting to perfecting the use of digital technology, photography has been his lifelong passion. Trained by his father and other top portrait artists, Bettinger has perfected his craft and is considered one of the best portrait photographers in Colorado. Call Now. Our Location. Our Indoor and Outdoor boutique studios are located in the heart of the city near the University of Denver.

We are a traditional portrait studio specializing in multi-generational family portraits, business headshots and senior pictures. We strive to make images that show the closeness of a family, the sweetness of a child or youthful spirit of a high school senior. Bettinger Photography is the oldest family owned portrait studio in Denver. Founded in by Richard and Norma Bettinger, our sixty years of tradition and a commitment to excellence is what sets us apart from other portraits studios.

Daniel Bettinger now continues that tradition. Learn More. We are Bettinger fans for life. Learn about these services. As families grow, we encourage members of each generation to gather together so that we may create a portrait that captures and conserves family members, old and young, for posterity.


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Call Now. Our Location. Our Indoor and Outdoor boutique studios are located in the heart of the city near the University of Denver. We are a traditional portrait studio specializing in multi-generational family portraits, business headshots and senior pictures. We strive to make images that show the closeness of a family, the sweetness of a child or youthful spirit of a high school senior.

Bettinger Photography is the oldest family owned portrait studio in Denver. Founded in by Richard and Norma Bettinger, our sixty years of tradition and a commitment to excellence is what sets us apart from other portraits studios. Daniel Bettinger now continues that tradition. Learn More. We are Bettinger fans for life. Learn about these services. As families grow, we encourage members of each generation to gather together so that we may create a portrait that captures and conserves family members, old and young, for posterity.

Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification. Loading Something is loading. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Redeem your free audiobook. Kathryn Chou. Snapchat icon A ghost. At first glance, you might think Boyd's photographs were paintings.

The biggest compliment you can give me is to say my photo looks like a painting," Boyd explained. But believe it or not, all of the flowers in his "Zero Degrees" photo series are real. Boyd credits Makoto Azuma, the Japanese artist known for freezing beautiful floral arrangements in slabs of ice, for the inspiration. But much of his own process was discovered through experimentation with the help of his girlfriend, Tharien Smith. As it froze, bubbles formed at random," he wrote.

Boyd and his girlfriend collect flowers from local gardens and hedges. They arrange them in plastic containers and then freeze them overnight. Boyd then drops the blocks into a nearby pool, stream, or puddle.