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With less than two weeks to go before woodbridge favorites off-track betting south Breeders' Cup makes New Jersey the center of world sports betting head office horse-racing universe, its latest venue for off-track wagering is poised at the starting line. The sleek, high-tech "Favorites at Woodbridge," designed to buck the dingy image of storefront off-track betting parlors in New York, opens today for simulcast betting. The sprawling 23,square-foot facility assembled a dizzying array of screens, machines and entrees -- the restaurant's offerings range from the Breeder Cup Jumbo Burger to the New Zealand Rack of Lamb -- to attract an upscale clientele. Another OTW has been proposed for Toms River, but plans have stalled amid opposition from nearby residents.

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Nip vs titan bettingadvice forum

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The beauty of major tournaments is that they are different from smaller ever, both in terms of the prize money to be won and the prestige, but most importantly in terms of the pressure they place upon the competitors in attendance. Part of why NiP was able to rack up so many tournament victories is because they were the best team in the world, so having a tournament every month or so meant it became routine to simply play and know that the outcome would likely go the way it should.

When a major rolls around, with a number of months between, all the focus of the previous months has been on preparing for that event and looking only to that as the focal point of the year. The players are so painfully aware of how important it to win the major tournament, not least since neither NiP or Titan has so far managed to, that they can no longer play as freely and as loosely as they might otherwise have done. Suddenly every round really does matter, since this chance to win might be gone for another six months.

Conversely, this allows underdog teams a perfect chance to strike, as the top teams are battling through the weight of expectations and pressure bearing down on them. For these underdog teams, these major events offer more than a mere opportunity at an upset win, if these lesser teams can come through with a deep run, then they can make up for, both in terms of exposure and prize money won, all their lower placings in the medium tournaments which make up the circuit.

In Counter-Strike 1. Meanwhile, look at the star names who never won majors and typically you'll find players with key flaws to their games which held them back. Any top team can win a medium event, but it takes something special to win a major. They are less about skill than about will. The fnatic and Virtus. Pro line-ups which have won the two majors held so far played the best tournaments of their entire lives to finish up hoisting the trophy, which is as it should be.

The majors even throw in the side storyline that Titan and NiP remain the world's best teams, yet if they can never secure a major then that will start to come into question and it'll be less a case of why other teams did win them and more why the two best teams in CS:GO history have been unable to. Anyone who just time-travelled here from the mid s would wonder why this heading is of any significance. Would that it were the case in all esports games, but it rarely is now. In StarCraft2 there has never been a single tournament, unless one counts the most stacked seasons of GSL Code S, that has gathered the top 15 SC2 players in the world and had them all face-off for a big title.

A mixture of geography, prize purses and qualification methods have conspired to ensure that has never come to fruition, despite the kind of record viewing numbers such an affair would seemingly inevitably deliver. Likewise, in LoL a major complaint of fans is that the qualification system in some of the regions means not all the best teams end up at the World Championship.

In CS:GO, the two majors held so far have featured the top 10 teams in the world amongst their 16 teams total in attendance, both times. It helps that the majority of the top 10 comes from Europe, but it should be appreciated as a beautiful fact nonetheless. When the top 10 are all there then it ensures the hardest possible field, as now teams must battle not only teams better than themselves, but all possible styles and match-up problems.

If a key top team is missing from an event, then it's possible that the team who match-up poorly stylistically against them will now have an easier path to a top finish. At the CS:GO majors you know all the best will be there. This also frees up the medium-sized tournaments of the circuit from such pressures, as it doesn't necessarily matter if some are missing a few teams, they serve as storyline points to build up to the majors.

What is crucial is that eventually they are both at the same LAN, so those answers can be provided. The majors ensure this is the case. This single match-up has been the storyline since CS:GO began. NiP had three of the biggest winners of the latter years of CS 1. The story began with the same plot point presented over and over: NiP defeating VeryGames and winning the tournament. Even when NiP finally fell in offline tournaments, it was initially to Russian Virtus.

Pro line-ups. The story finally changed in October of , as VeryGames defeated NiP in three straight Bo3 series in about a month, winning two of those events. Since getting on the board against NiP, VeryGames have won nine of the last 12 maps they've played offline against the Swedes. NiP won the last key Bo3, winning the semi-final at Dreamhack Winter, so it's far from turned into an entirely one-sided affair now in favour of the French-Belgian side. From one of the most one-sided match-ups in the history of esports, NiP vs.

Titan has turned into one of the most exciting. Crucially, for newer fans, as long as these two teams remain the elite sides in the game, they will continue to meet in key series deep in big tournaments. This rivalry looks likely to only get better and better. Tactics vs. Prediction vs. Western Europe vs. Northern Europe. You couldn't write a better script than the one in the actors' hands when these two teams clash. It might seem extreme to list two individual players as a key reason to watch CS:GO, but it is no oversight in judgement.

These two are the best players in the entire world and beyond them you can start to have a real back-and-forth debate over who should be listed next and where they should rank, but make no mistake, there is no debate that these two top the list.

The other shox was always a talented player, but lacked the team to truly allow him to shine his brightest. That all changed when he was brought into VeryGames, a matter of months later and his play had elevated them to the best team in the world. What's brilliant about the play of both players is that they are so complete in their skillsets and playing style. Both can win in all areas of the game, racking up kills at the beginning, middle or end of the round.

Each is known as a deadly clutch player, seemingly unshakeable in terms of nerves and composure. Each has won huge rounds in seemingly every big pressure game they have played for their respective sides. Look at which has the better game, when they meet, and you'll likely know which team is going to win. The best thing about these two players, is that they seemingly never take a game off.

Watch them play against any team at any point in the tournament and see their skills on display without any drop off in motivation. I don't know what your problem is really , I thought we were done with this and moved on. Why do you always try an pick a fight with me for no reason.

Why can't we just stay away from each others threads so that this does not continue to happen because I am so tired of this , all you do is "criticize me , nip pick and diss my battle where I have not. I have not said on bad thing about your fights until now. The worst part of this is that you are just doing this on purposes since you obviously have no life and just want to bother me every chance you get.

FYI - don't even try the whole I am right you are wrong , what I am saying is fact crap cause that is getting old and that is what you always say so save it. Saitama is not faster than light!! First off, you knew you were starting a conflict from the second you wrote that post calling me a hypocrite. You responded to me in your own thread and should've just left it alone instead of trying to retaliate. You know I'm not the type to let those kinds of remarks slide especially from you so why would you do this unless you wanted to start a fight?

I didn't wanna start one otherwise I would've just responded to the rebuttal you made to the comment I made in your thread Secondly, I didn't state that your threads were bad I only pointed out that you make nerfed battles and that you criticize others for doing the same--both of which are true. I felt the need to point all that out bc you have a penchant for On several occasions, you've criticized others for making nerfed battles, however, I have yet to see any thread maker go through such extreme lengths to either limit or amp the characters in their match ups the way you do.

The point being that you shouldn't be going around rudely criticizing anyone for what you've done on every single thread I've ever seen you make. Since you a have a penchant for playing the innocent role which doesn't fool anyone btw , accusing me of picking on you vindictively which I'm not , allow me to provide examples to prove my point.

Now just so you can see that I'm not the only one "picking on you", I'm going to post some of the comments that were made on your thread before I decided to add my own two-cents:. Unrelated: A question that has puzzled me. Why no top tier battles Oda? Round 1 - No demon side for meliodas , no intangibility for the admirals. What do you mean by speed can be equal if needed?

You either equalize it or you don't, but isn't that the point of pitting characters against each other Anyway, you seem to be trying to insure the Sins win here. One of Kizaru's abilities is to move light speed, he is a light man after all. That's like putting Hulk against a fighter and then saying the strength is equalized.

What's the point? You also removed his light speed kicks, but he can shoot light speed lasers from his fingers Unerf please so he can solo. Please Log In to post. Rules no prep , in character , standard equipment , No light speed kicks , pre white bread war admirals , current sins , speed can be equal if needed Round 1 - No demon side for meliodas , no intangibility for the admirals Round 2 - anything goes.

Nerfed battle.


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